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  1. thats not as bad as being stuck in a mud hole, hopping around and giviner turning lock to lock lol
  2. What i wouldnt do for all that torque. Torque makes me horny.. what people dont realize, is trucks are much harder to shift fast then a car is.
  3. What i wouldnt do for all that torque. Torque makes me horny.. what people dont realize, is trucks are much harder to shift fast then a car is id love to watch people who think they can drive 5speed really well get out of 1st gear in a semi
  4. yeah.... stupid as fuck. he has since cammed the engine.. maybe at some point hell turn the boost up. i rode in the car that the engine came out of ( nissan 240 ) and that was retarded.. the limiting factor at thispoint id say is the stock trans and rear enfd ( yes.. it all bassically bolted togeather with little mods...) you can hear the excitement in his voice after the first drive.
  5. People are saying it's the car because the alt does work, just when the engine is spinning faster. Think about it. When it's colder out, there's less stress on all of the parts from heat. So naturally they run a little smoother, idle a little lower. Same way voltage works, everybody has amazing voltage during the colder half of the year compared to summer hahaIt's just the fact that your engine, like mine, has a lower rotation per minute speed than that of other vehicles. The alt works from this rotation to deliver current. Not enough spinning, no current will be put out FYI 90% of newer engines will high idle till they are warm. And he said he can drive for a few minutes THEN the alt turns on. Unless he idles around for 5min in drive.. Cold vehicles run rough till they are warmed up.. Not sure why you think they run smooth.
  6. oddly enough, train horns dont work well.. people usually slow way down and look around realllllyyy confused
  7. Same deal here lol sucks when you have a hand full of change amd some of it is amarican, im always in the US so ive always got American moneys on me. I cross so often 90% of border gaurds know whats in my truck, have heard my truck, and ask where the comp. is or if ive changed anything.. Lol
  8. They do seem to strech a little Heres canadian money for you muricans An yes, on the 5$ bill they are playing hockey
  9. The car used to be over hurr in canada, about 3hrs from me and i never even seen it
  10. 95% of what i listin to is tech. Even when i demo i play his music. A good friends brother who makes music/raps had the oppertunity to open for tech before.
  11. or if you have a little gap / crack then apply glue directly into the gap and lightly sand the surface around it and on top of it, the saw dust will work its way into the gap and stick to the glue creating a natural filler. when the glue dries the filled area should be hard as a rock. Better yet, Resin and mdf dust!
  12. LOLOL wutttMy gas guzzling fire breathing f150 can only have a 250amp alt due to belt slip they said. So how he can have a 370amp on 2.4Simple. Bolt it in and wire it and giver shit.Belt wrap does alot. I run 1200A of alts On a TRUE (not a weekend "daily" driver) with no issues. Oviosly if i try to move my truck when alts are loaded down itll bearly move. An engine will spin anything to an extent.. BUTTTT will the belt hold? Thats when belt wrap and a good belt come into play. I have one alt that slips if i dont have good belt wrap. Odly enough its the stock position alt. ( N8 ill send you some pics of how to fix that..) and when it starts to slip my voltage will drop hard.
  13. Chris tooloud evans on facebook IIRC Like i said this is now the 2nd issue in a month ive seen with him. Buddy had an issue with him.. I caught chris in 2-3 lies within an hour.. And proved the amp was 100% the day before it was shipped
  14. Seen this on FB but couldnt post. Said guy got an 1100.1 from a teammate in 100% working order and that same 1100.- was protecting jn his truck.. But he would just reset it and keep playing it till he repaird it the pawned it off on someone else. He also deleted everything he had showing issues with that amp...
  15. I can almost garuntee thats not all thats wrong with it. Something caused them to blow. When they blew it put alot of stress on other componets.
  16. JOO! GFY!! i need another!! also.. just becasue thats all thats blown, doesnt mean there isnt other componets that arnt damaged/blown/stressed. the amp needs a good once over of all the componets
  17. sure was, as you said it was 100% fine to use. driving at 2000rpm it went from 15v down to 12v with 6 G31batts and 4 runs of wire off alt, amp was an AQ3500.1
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