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  1. all pioneer HUs are like this i use volume 50 to set things up that way i have some head room for the songs that are recorded quiter
  2. I can clean a basket quicker then swapping it, having proper tools goes along way.Never did i say sundown had an issue. But why take a chance if it takes an extra 2 min to clean a basket
  3. I've noticed that most manufacturers don't take the time to do it on their subs when they build them..Makes me wonder.. Because the come from china... Thats to much work to do, my SSDs you cam see that they cleaned them, same with my btls, sp4 and other Fi/aa subs ive seen. You need a rough surface for the glue to attach too. The older alpine type Rs always had surrounds comming off the basket if for whatever reason a screw head got under the surround
  4. Soo what about that paint thats on the new baskets? Say fuck it and glue over it? Lol....
  5. Uhhh..... How is replacing the basket making it easier??? Dmm at conection at smp, if good, go to terminal on box if there is one, if good go to the sub. That will tell you where the issue is. Its been said a few times now. OR "Pop" test the sub.
  6. Have fun releasing the springs and getting them back in place And be careful not to puncture the wheel cylinder boot. You're just mean!! LMAO Leave one side togeather, Small set of needle nose vise grips amd a decemt flathead screwdriver work wonders, Unless you have the proper tools
  7. Yep.. Aggred hahaha "My vehicles a daily diver, But i dont drive it unless im going to a show" Pshhh then its NOT a daily driver!!!!
  8. Thats only one of them They ha 2 per box the oter had a shifted top plate... But i jb welded that bitch and it lasted 3 monts lol
  9. Jb weld will fix it I had an SSD tht was dripped in shipped.. The day before slamology last year, 3 broken spokes and basket was in 3 pieces Little bit of JB weld and it held for 3 months..
  10. There really wasnt even any houses close by And to top it off we were in a race track so there was a large bearm around us lol
  11. So, why can you post a vid like this, and when i posted a serious voltahe drop vid with you 400a gm alt you made a huge deal about it and wanted it taken down.....
  12. There is a difference in a trunk playing 55hz to reach numbers vs a trunk that is build to demo and smash the fuck out of people. Playing some 50+hz song on the meter doesn't mean shit. I can assure you that that 60 or what ever number he is putting up with those 10's will sound totally different vs a musical install that will put up 153's at 32,34-36 and even 40. How do you classify your loudest trunk on the planet? Something that will punish the meter or something that will demo 30+ minutes and still put up over a 50. Something that can only play 55 or 56hz or something that will murder 26-40hz all day long?Just curious.. I honestly dont give a shit about numbers.. I could care less. Most of the time when im at a show im hammered off vodka anyway. The last show i did i purposely parked my car on the side of the lanes and ran my subs full clip full tilt for 25+ minutes until they died said fuck it went to hooters and hit on some bitches.. I dont even know why I got started.. sigh.. gotta love the audio world.. feels good to have an empty car and trunk "How many bras are you wearing" - ninja "Just one....." - waitress "FOR ALL THEM TITTIESS!!??" - ninja Thats how 90% of dinners go after shows too..
  13. I feel the need to say this A 155 with 2 15s WILL NOT sound the same as a 155 with 4 18s Plain and simple.
  14. Ive had an amp protect from clipping before.. Aq3500.1 (new style) Isnt gucci's music really "dirty"?
  15. I have train horns.. People get the idea to go when they get honked at haha Hell yeah. *searches 'train horns'* some times it works well, others they acctually stop and look around.. but fun to do even better when someone cuts you off and honk and watch them swerve all over the place
  16. I have train horns.. People get the idea to go when they get honked at haha
  17. Air the tire up, smash the tire with a Big hammet a few times and check for leaks, If its still leaking, Pull valve stem deflate all the air Then use the BFH again to break the bead on that side Then reseat the tire.
  18. Yeah, I had some green shit but mostly looked like dirty vaseline... I got some awesome degreaser called "Big Orange" by Zep but it's citrus so I don't want to use it as I need to put that deadener in there. I will get something else tomorrow. I am glad that the previous owner had some intent to maintain the vehicle but damn... if I was a mechanic and someones car had that shit all over the place it would not be a good day. Some cars come stock like that FYI
  19. If the noise gets worse in the box, could be a broken box, or a loose dustcap ( more backpressure on cap while in the box)
  20. I ran 1500 to mine. Clamped. They were fine for a few weeks then started to tear them selves apart, surrounds tearing spider joints half ripping... Anddd coils breaking in half. Coils still looked like new when the coils were breaking tho
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