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  1. So you have any paperwork, statements, emails, etc, from the company itself or was it just said verbally? I had something similiar happen to me, but it was resolved due to both a hard copy company letter and email letter sent out to all employees.
  2. What gauge is your power and ground wire and speaker wire?
  3. It seems like gm is slapping names on something that people thing will buy cause of yesteryears. With the way gm is going, specially with the no so good demand of he volt and the airbags deploying for no reasons on some of their cars, I am sorry to say, gm is starting to lose it again.
  4. I am near Sacramento, but on crutches until the doctor says everything is fine.
  5. I have a image dynamic Idq 12
  6. How it happened was I was standing on a incline and a heavy metal door hit a heavy fully loaded wheeled trash can, the weight of the door cause the trash can to come flying at me at a good amount of force and speed. When it hit me it caused me to lose my balance and roll my ankle. I heard cracks, pops and some other noise and then hit the grow. When I woke up on the ground, I felt something was not right and notice the pain and feeling coming from my ankle.
  7. She is still my girlfriend, and the 2 year delay not doing anything with her KIA cause of kids, unforseen expenses, both of our jobs, injuries, and family matters. I have two pictures from the install and then my battery died, I will take pictures this weekend of the finished headunit install. Here is what she had in the car: Factory Kia Headunit; Right when I started to do the factory headunit removal, alot more to remove to get it out and install the kenwood kenwood kdc-mp342u
  8. How in the hell do you not know what amp you are selling, the guy must need glasses and a brain. I showed his myspace to a couple of my friends and we were all laughing at his brace face baseball playing pictures. If you have the first pm or email that he say what amp is he was selling and it is not what you recieved, you have a case . Also with him saying that is the risk you take, he is now basically admitting scamming and fraud. If you really want to mess him up, go report him to the local news channel where he lives, would love to see the look on his neighbors and friends face when they find out what happened.
  9. Still off of work and probably another month or two till I go back fully healed.
  10. I forgot to update this, the headunit has been installed. Still need to build sub box, can't do much right now until my fractured ankle is healed.
  11. Awesome, looking forward to each new product you bring out.
  12. Hmmm, could it be that Steve doesn't want to take up all the trunk space with a box and amps and he is a grandfather.
  13. Nice, didn't know you guys in california. Might have to stop by sometime.
  14. I miss working and making good money especially with the tips. Now I have to wait to buy any amps, speakers and subs for both of my cars.
  15. Fell at work and on work comp for a while. It sucks that it is a waiting game with the insurance and specialists I have to see. Right now waiting on the insurance to give the approval to get the mri, the specialists needs to see what is going on, cause they think there is more damage then what shows on the x rays,.
  16. Well, a simple task at work turned into trip to med7 on feb 15. Feb 22, I went back and they put me into. March 5, I went to see a specialist, got rid of the splint and was put into something else. Waiting for the specialist to get the approve for the mri, since the pain and the healing process has not gotten better. Here is what I am in right now.
  17. OH, no he is going for 200 plus db. Guess I got to start bracing the house before he finishes is box.
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