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  1. Beautiful work man! Can't wait to see how it all comes together! Really digging the subaru logo in the center, should really help tie it all together!
  2. Beautiful caddy man! Love the time and effort into this, the way the box forms perfectly to the seat, the stealth kick panels, everything, keep up the good work man!
  3. MN events and competitions 2015 schedule

    Proformance is putting on another show September 3rd in New Ulm again, this time its gonna be at the Brown County Fairgrounds, talks of doing a Car Show along with it! I'll be there in the jetta, first time competing!
  4. Good looking build man! Always love seeing other peoples builds in Volkswagens!
  5. MN events and competitions 2015 schedule

    I plan on going to that one aswell as the meet weekend up in Cloquet in august i believe it is! Will be my first time competing!
  6. Beautfiul builds man, will surely be keeping my eye on this one!
  7. Planet Audio Big Bang 15 box size?

  8. Planet Audio Big Bang 15 box size?

    Bump, anyone got any input on the design?
  9. Planet Audio Big Bang 15 box size?

    Kinda figured, I plan on upgrading to a different amp eventually but for now it'll have to do, for both the sub and amp together i only have $50 into it so just trying to get it all up and running
  10. Planet Audio Big Bang 15 box size?

    I get that completely I'm trying to learn as much as I can hence why i'm trying to figure out the box design and asked for feedback, so as far as your suggestions powering for right now will be a Volfenhag ZX-8400. claims to be 2000 watts not sure how accurate that is guessing not very, T/S parameters says its 97 db, as for an actual program I have no idea where to start, I have WinISD on my computer but I have no idea how to run it hence why I just use the Torres calculator, and I really don't have the money to go buy a program
  11. Planet Audio Big Bang 15 box size?

    So after emailing the company i got a response and they said that the 1.5 is a misprint and that it should be 2.5 cu so i made a design with that in mind, so how does this look? Any feedback is greatly appreciated
  12. Can't wait to see how this turns out!!! I own a jetta/vento myself, wish i could afford to do something like this to it! Keep up the good work.
  13. Planet Audio Big Bang 15 box size?

    looks like sensitivity is 97 db, according to the website
  14. Planet Audio Big Bang 15 box size?

    i saw that too seemed really small to me aswell i'll email them and try to find out some more info edit: figured i'd just post in here rather than make a seperate thread. what is a good port area and ratio for building an enclosure with aero ports? found info on slotted but can't find much on aeros.
  15. Just scored a Big Bang 15 for dirt cheap its the bbd15 if that makes a difference, curious on box size as the sites that have them online don't have a recommended enclosure size! Thanks for the help in advance! Edit: Nevermind found a link finally