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  1. So attempting to get a name change again, this time if it could be changed to ThatGuyWithAJetta that would be awesome!
  2. you sir are correct about the gold button at one million when of the vloggers i watch just got theirs a few weeks ago
  3. Finally get close to buying a system then unexpected repair costs have to come along and fuck that up!

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    2. strangeduck


      lol, i was going to say, welcome to life, 3rd rock from the sun

    3. Amart88
    4. ThatGuyWithAJetta


      I understand its part of life but its just like i have been obsesed with car audio for like four years now and have not once had anything in my car and finally i got a decent tax return had everything planned out then bam had to basically put brand new brakes on the back of my car and now i have not a penny of it left, it just sucks being so excited for something then have to have completely ripped out from under you.

  4. Finally get close to buying a system then unexpected repair costs have to come along and fuck that up!

  5. Finally get close to buying a system then unexpected repair costs have to come along and fuck that up!

  6. Tax Return filed now to wait for it to come in so I can order my Sundown Audio woofer

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    2. WastedTalent


      Must be nice. I need 3 W2's and T4 or whatever the school form is. I have 1 W2, waiting on 2 more. As far as HR block, they got me like $3 more than TurboTax woulda... and cost a shitload more (free vs whatever they cost)

    3. Kyblack76


      got my taxes done, and filed until the dooms day. with a check ready to pay..... theyll get it at the last second... fuck em

  7. "Bumping down the street in my 01 Jimmy Looking at the girls who be looking so pretty I got the bass playing low and the speakers turned up high Making my subs go bump bump bump!"
  8. Don't think I have ever introduced myself, my name is Jared I have actually been here lurking for about 4 years posting occasionally and asking questions. Cars in general are my life and i don't consider myself a normal car guy because i don't just like one kind of vehicle, i pretty much like everything. Currently no system but hoping to get a system here soon seeing as i'm getting a new vehicle soon.
  9. I thought my house system was loud before, i just scored a sub for 1.50 at the local goodwill and at like half volume everything starts ratteling haha

    1. Bump4life


      try putting a DD 18 in your house

    2. ThatGuyWithAJetta


      i cant even imagine, i wish i had enough money to put one in my car let alone my house, but that'd be a good way to piss of the neighbors haha

  10. You know your home stereo is to loud when the movie cases in the cabinet start rattleing haha

  11. So I'm sitting here taking my door panels off0 in order to put my window back on track and i found out that after two years of owning this car it had Pioneer speakers in the doors the whole time which explains why they sound as good as they do haha

  12. Anyone else build systems in sketchup when they are bored

  13. Guess who might be getting some Funky Pup 15's ?

    1. ProMaxx316


      are you sure you can handle the amounts of power they have. Better have a radiation suit handy

    2. ThatGuyWithAJetta


      ehh radiation will be worth hitting over 200 dbs haha

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