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  1. Guess I could update the build I will never finish well ordered a brand x alt waited six weeks it didn’t fit at all not even a little bit so had to go back to an oem alt. life’s been kicking my ass so haven’t had the time or motivation to work on the turd but did get the third amp mounted today so yea see y’all next year
  2. If someone could come find all these damn rattles I would appreciate it
  3. I’m down let me finish the build and my attempt at sq
  4. So I’ve been wondering this are you the same fishchris from years ago that Steve helped out
  5. Jesus Christ they have made the the most common sizes and told you what would work you grown no one needs to hold your hand measure your space available and jam in the biggest batt you can and move on
  6. Main issue was the size I bought for the angles I wanted it wasn’t forgiving and it was just some trial and error figuring shot out next set I will use 1/8”
  7. Game on Honestly I’m tired of posting so I may just knock this out and y’all can eat a dick
  8. Well I learned a bunch figuring this out so when I redo them they won’t be so shitty. But I’m out of aluminum and patience for now so we here
  9. Add power and they come alive be sure to deaden around them and what not and you’ll be happy
  10. Well I went maximum effort with the aluminum and failed so plan b is get kingsuv drunk and have him untuck my fuck ya know
  11. I mean in all honesty I am bias when it comes to dc and these speakers but someone saying t1s sound better makes me chuckle
  12. Yup heard them many a times and they make me moist would use them in my truck if I wasn’t going with a 3 way active setup
  13. Still not sold on the fuckery but I like to see my failures all the way through
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