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  1. Damn, all that and they still couldn't figure out how to make a PS3 & X360 controller. I would think it would doable since that cable is changeable too...
  2. This. I've never had an issue with Kevin returning emails. Always prompt replies!
  3. Preodered today, got a sweet poster. Got it for 360, but will end up switching the preorder to PS4 whenever it is available for preorder.
  4. According to the AC Wiki, Edward is Connor's grandfather. So, this will take place before AC3? Interesting.
  5. They seem to be a little lacking on the bass side, but otherwise have good quality. I think I've found my new "daily driver" for headphones. One thing I will say though, the remote part feels a little cheap/loose.
  6. Mine should be on my front porch (or in my mail box) when I get home tomorrow night. If no one has made a video, or at least reported on sound quality, I'll try to do so.
  7. Looks like mine should be here tomorrow, according to tracking. Anyone had a chance to try em out yet? How do they sound?
  8. Yeah if you have psd that would be even better. Anyway, after 10 minutes of dicking around, I made this. Idk lol
  9. Lol, I know, I already did it. I meant that more of "If anyone has one even higher res, I would appreciate a transparent background"
  10. Hell yeah. Anyone got one with a transparent background?
  11. As high as possible. I would prefer at least 1500px on the smallest side.
  12. Does have a high res version of the Skar logo? I want to make some random designs, and I don't have a logo to use.... Thanks in advance.
  13. Kevin, have guys had any pre-production models in house yet? If so, any chance of a video? I'm doing my build now, using Skar subs and amps, and would love to keep my door speaker the same.
  14. As I said before, I would be all over a beanie. Also, I would definitely pick up a lanyard. Kevin, I do a little design work, maybe I can throw together a little shirt design or two for you? :]
  15. Of course the morning after I complain about it not updating, my info updates... lol Mine are still in Orlando as of 3AM today. Oh well, I'm hoping they will be worth the wait
  16. I saw they were shipped yesterday. Any idea when my tracking info will update? Mine still just says "Electronic Shipping Info Received"
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