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  1. idk about the amp but is seems as its getting nice numbers. offer him like 200 what the worst thing is he says no.
  2. I only wish I could see them! Grrrrrrrrr I am so mad at this crappy wifi.
  3. I found one on the mtx website a few weeks ago it was like $20
  4. Sorry, I dont watch it that offten. It was on when I posted it, thought I would share.
  5. Maybe they self delete if the have been sitting idle for so long. idk
  6. The Control on the pioneer was far superior vs the alpine. I bought a remote for the alpine on ebay and hate that too, most of the time I just use the controls on the deck.
  7. I would get a Pioneer deck. I loved mine, I have an Alpine now and dont really like it. (was cheap on craigslist all my gear was stolen)
  8. Is anyone watching south park? Cartman and KFC and testicular cancer! The funnest sh!t ever. lolz
  9. Look what my dumb ass found! Looks like I need to take them all down and try again without so much FAIL! lolz
  10. Then I think I would screws with bigger heads. I used the screws they provided... Guess will have to take one down and see. here are some pics.
  11. Does any one have any of these speakers? I just did my door panels last week and put my grills on for the 1st time.Today I felt the grills while playing, felt like the surrounds were hitting the grill, took the grill off and looks like they are hitting dust circles on the surrounds. Now my question is if, I put them on right in layers its like this. Door > plastic ring for grill > mid bass > grill cover. Should it be door > speaker > plastic ring > grill cover? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in Advance!
  12. or you could go on ebay and get a brand new set for $140 ebay link
  13. I would use 2 rubber washers and a nut to make space for cooling!(box RW Nut RW amp)I have had alot of amps mounted to boxes never had a problem.
  14. That's kinda crazy imo, I would have at least put 4 or 5 layers of black tape on the wire were it passes thru.
  15. Whats wrong with drilling? Just be sure to use rubber wire grommet!
  16. Last I knew it was ok in Syracuse, NY maybe state wide. (maybe it was just at beaches) Even if it was ok how many chicks do you know that would?
  17. It sounds pretty good for what it is, certainly better than it did. I pulled out some oval 4x6 polks that were warped and nasty looking. They were installed in 95. There was no wire harness for this car or a dash kit. I used my dremel tool to make it fit and hard wired the deck. I was there all day and didn't notice the sign till I looked at the pics lol.
  18. The amp is on the back of the box! 2 channels for front speakers and the other 2 channels bridged for the sub.
  19. Today I put a lil system in my uncles vette! I had a $600 budget so couldn't get to crazy. http://i879.photobucket.com/albums/ab359/bigredishott/jons%20system/28554_400807239867_697779867_397144.jpg
  20. Put the thread back on track! The box looks nive and solid! good job! Cant wat to build 1 for my 3 lil hx2 10s!
  21. tempting! I already have 1 running two sets of kappas, just not loud enough. but nice lil amp and stays cool.
  22. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
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