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  1. My favorite 11cu 160-18s port tuned to 34-36hz
  2. I'm not sure if the judges will trust it. But I do. I hate removing subs for reconing.
  3. Markus, I kinda wanted a numeral reading when I can possibly make 40k watts for for subs rated 14k. Do I need that much power? No. But as a competitor I will push to the limit. Plus I said I didn't wanna swap amps anymore. Nows there's enough for any possible sub I could ever use, as I can't fit any more then 4 15s.
  4. Always thinking outside the box.......well I like cool shit too. Maybe it will save me recones, while bass boxing. God knows these subs won't take 8-10k ea for music
  5. Steve, first let me say it looks great. The open air boxes really suck at output.....lol. I had a jeep wrangler back in the day, that didn't have a/c so the top was off 90% of the summer. Down side was there was no bass with the normal box. The best thing I came up with that worked and gave decent bass with it all open, was a down firing box that had ports out the top. Dunno if it's possible here, but just thought I'd share what worked for me.
  6. Did I mention we are installing 8 of these for Vic? DroppinHzCarAudio...........FTW!
  7. Your picking the wrong subs for your dreams....
  8. Yes, plug your harness into the backside of the vcm harness and follow the directions
  9. 3.25cu, roughly 60sq of port tuned to what the vehicle likes.
  10. Better pic. Mock up. The 2 dd1s will actually be a pair of amm1s mounted in the truck to monitor real time power. No better way to keep subs together when clamp more then 2x rated power.
  11. Run out of room........make room. Those will be mounted on my buss bars. There is more to come is usps finds my shit they lost.
  12. 10.0 destroys 9.0 on that voltage, by near 2,000watts
  13. Maybe cause it's not a simply yea or no answer. There's several different scenarios. So instead of cluttering a post with back and forth messages by 2 party's, it's better to talk directly to the person asking the question.
  14. Great guy to do business with.....
  15. Did you hold the up and down buttons at the same time to get it out of loc mode.
  16. Another issue, that is have seem. Make sure the factory alternator harness is plugged into the vcm pig tail harness......I have seen it more them once, just because the display is on does not mean the alt is turning on.
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