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  1. No, those control knobs just control the input voltage to the amplifier. The difference being if you had multiple amps.
  2. Yes its a mono amp. You should be able to just plug and play.
  3. DD Audio sells good products. You can't really go wrong with them. Prices don't vary much from the Audio shops and the MSRP on DD's website. It's the price of doing business. I enjoy the DIY of the car and the audio community, but sometimes it's easier to let the pros build your system. (It hurts my pride to say that haha) It'll save you time and money in the long run, and probably sound better too. I'm just being real with you. If youre an audiophile, like many of us here, then you'll just want to keep building and improving. Take what some elitists say with a grain of salt. TBH the Skar package deal looked like a good option for the money, but I have never used or heard their equipment.
  4. Do some math and figure out how many amps your system will be pulling from your charging system and plan accordingly. Batteries only hold a charge, they don't create it. You can add hella batteries, but this will mainly act as a buffer to current draw demands. Over time the alternator will charge everything back up. Think of the batteries as cups of water and the alt as a pitcher of water. I hope that analogy helps. Look into the big three and always buy OFC wire. You probably won't be running dual alternators unless you drive a Tahoe or explorer, or your a welder. Optima, XsPower, Limitless Lithium, ect. batteries would be a good choice just to name a few. By the way, SSA is running a 10% off sale on Mechman alternators.
  5. So the sky is the limit when it comes to car audio. There are numerous manufacturers of varying quality, price, and design (many of which just copy one another). Just go with who you trust, and know that you get what you pay for. Determine what amount of space you want to take up in your vehicle. This will help establish what size, or how many woofers you want to use. Have a budget in mind for the complete system and try to stick with it. I always end up spending more! Remember to factor into your budget - wires, RCAs, fuses ect. If you're using the factory speakers, you may want to keep the bass output to around 500-1000 watts, which is more than enough to feel some bump. A single 12" or dual 10"s would work nicely. Consider the amount of amperage you'll be drawing from your charging system and try to match your bass amp accordingly. I'm not familiar with the rear seats of a Jeep, but if you could fit a sub enclosure under there (not unlike a truck), it may help to keep the bass inside the cabin and protect the subs from the elements if your top down a lot. I hope that helps. Hopefully I'm not telling you what you already know.
  6. You can, but your enclosure's tuning will be changed as a result. The subs take up a certain amount of volume within the box. Inverting your subs will place the motor structure outside and leave more volume on the inside at a greater amount. If it's prefab from Skar then just leave it as it is. Those guys engineered their enclosure to be packaged and tuned in that way.
  7. This shit is hella unorganized. Why would you run speakers off of head unit power if you're using amp for your mids and highs? Technically, yes you have enough headroom in the amp to run extra speakers. Just be sure the load your amp is seeing will be at 2ohms. Don't run super tweets if you can avoid it. Run one amp for the front stage and a second for the rear doors if you need that many. I'm assuming you have a crazy big bass setup to need all the extra filler.
  8. Interesting question. I don't even know what that means to be honest. It seems to me like you're way overthinking your problem though. I would say twisted pair RCA, but aren't all RCAs designed to have positive and negative continuity from inside to outside on the connections? Maybe I need to read more.
  9. If you gave each mid it's own channel you would still need another amp for the highs if you wanted it active. Im sure you know this.
  10. Do you only have the aformentioned speakers in the front doors or are there other rear door speakers as well? I take it you're running the rockford T1000.4 on the front mids and tweets?
  11. All alts arent made the same. Youre using a Nissan alt in a Toyota? One may have better low rpm output, or vice versa. How old is this replacement alt? You had some guy "wire it up?" Its like two bolts and a couple of wires. What is the other thread?
  12. Yeah I was trying to provoke them in the most tactful way I could. Oh well, I'm literally palcing the order right now. 13.3 sqft Damplifier Pro, 8sqft of the Mega Zorbe, 54sqft of Overkill, a roller and a couple of cans of adhesive. Ive got a set of Rockford T2652-s components that should be here tomorrow. Right now im riding around without a passenger side door panel. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Good morning, and Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there tomorrow. It's that time of the year, and I'm upgrading/ updating my build again. Ive ordered some damplifier pro from Second Skin, but of course I didnt order enough and ive decided to just overkill (ordering overkill too) this component install project. My question is to whether SS has a sale ongoing this Father's Day. Needless to say, I need some more of your exceptionally high quality products. Either way, I'm not willing to do business with any other sound deadening/ insulation company, so I guess you have my business anyway. I realize my question/ request may be a bit gauche, but cut us Dad's a deal! I gotta be frugal ya know?
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