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  1. God not his Steve guy again... He always causes trouble haha, can't wait to see what you come up with man .
  2. http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free there ya go dude
  3. They are routers... i know the difference dude... And just because i have 4 years of degrees in computing does not mean i can set up a router on a network that is set up not to allow them. Either way for both of you I'll just ignore that you were trying to belittle me which is against the rules of this forum and let you know i have since got the ROUTER connected... Fucking assholes...
  4. Dude there are plates there from all over the damn place haha, where are you based?
  5. Nice... I've been trying to get my girl to put some bass in her car it sounds like shit... Edit: Didn't look at the car... is that one of those bonnet bra things? :S
  6. OK, for the past two months I've only been checking the site once a day when my daily posts came through on the email, and I've looked nowhere else... Anything i have missed? Any brilliant build logs? Any big names come or gone? Let me know what you think has been big news over the past month or two... Cheers Lads and laddets xD
  7. give each pair of 8" its own mtx amp, bridge them so each speaker is getting the 200, just set the gains correct and you'll be fine. Use the Memphis to run the 6.5s, giving each 215 RMS. and the tweets all together wired back to 4Ohms on the 300W channel of the JL. Should be fine
  8. lol, thanks guys, anyone else wishing to help, this will be open for another hour or so
  9. Hey guys, im currently at college doing an undergrad course in computing I have fucked around all year and am now on the rush to get all my assignments done (they are mostly already late :S) I'm not asking anyone to do work for me, just pretend you co to my college and fill in this short ass survey so i have some results in it haha http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RJYRMVB Thanks, you guys rock
  10. another Irish guy on SMD, Sweet haha

  11. XS Power, It just works. XS Power, more amp hours than you'll know what to do with. XS Power, The power of champions.
  12. says 2x the life, thats 1 1/3 holes! nice !! Joking man, nice, id love a router lol, even though id use it like once a year haha
  13. This might come in handy http://www.free-revenge-ideas.com/Revenge-blog.html
  14. dude, im just gona throw it out there and say how much research have you put into your system? 4 18's is no joke...
  15. I also LOVE to do it to but my TB is still stock. So I need honest money. fair enough, if you want to be reasonable work it by the hour, $15 - 20 is reasonable for car audio in my opinion...
  16. I turn on my bass tester every once in a while at a stop light just for laughs. Ehh i wouldnt mention that here mate... very frowned upon at SMD...
  17. I don't really charge my friends for audio stuff, i enjoy doing it haha
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