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  1. just painted the beer pong table for shits and giggles
  2. Something tells me you are going to try something that nobody has tried before with this. I don't know what yet, but I foresee some crazy hair tricks and numbers in the future.
  3. I put a 10" DD in my moms car, and you are correct, it really isn't too bad with the top down too, lol. But mine is in the trunk, not the back seat. Nice score!
  4. Lmfao, I have to admit, this video just made my morning. Now I gotta find the video of my buddy freestyling in my truck to the beat of Look at Me Now, the same "What the hell is he saying?" effect. You should have threw out a verse or two as well
  5. I hated tree sap, being I have a white paint job lol. I always wiped as much as I could off with soap and water, dried it, put Goo Gone on it and let it sit in it 5 to 10 minutes, wiped as much as I could off with a CLEAN microfiber rag, then waxed it with Mothers wax. If that didn't get it 100% off, then wait the next day and wax it again. Its a pain, but I managed to get it out of my white paint, and I don't have any clear coat protecting it lol.
  6. Direct Current Audio. Sweet, now I know something I didn't know! Haha. I agree, I am in a little car audio club in the Tulsa area, with people coming to meetings from up to 50 miles in each direction. I am the only one running DC Audio. A few have some Skar, and a couple have DD. There is some Obsidian Audio now, some Crossfire, a lot of JBL and a lot of Kicker. The guy that is running Obsidian used to have Sundown. Another guy that came by once had Sundown. Another guy has Orion, and my buddy has MTX 9500s. But yeah, what I am getting at is nobody around here runs DC Audio. I am proud to be one of the few in the state of Oklahoma that runs it. Every time I go to a shop or a competition, or even a meeting spot on Memorial in Tulsa, people think that I have an L7 or a couple of DD 12s when I pull up, but then they see my single Level 4 12 haha. Can't wait to see the reactions when I finish my DC 15s blowthrough.
  7. LMFAO @ Toyota Acura. Honestly, my opinion is that you should get subs that will fit what you feel will do the best, get an amplifier that matches well that isn't crappy, build a custom ported box that is tuned to the subs recommendations, and take all of it to a shop to tune it for you. Because the reason why you blew the other system up is probably because you turned the amp gain up all the way thinking it would put out the most power. Common mistake. If I remember correctly, Skar Audio has a deal where you buy two VVX 10s or 12s, they will give you a box for free that is built to your specs.
  8. There is a reason why nobody is linking you to the downloads of these songs. You just gotta find them yourself. Its not hard to find if you know what to search for.
  9. i don't get it. i have two 8" oldschool jbl's. they definitely did put out a better 'high' bass. the 12 can hit the lows much better but when it comes time to hit a higher frequency, it doesn't seem to do it nearly as well as the 8's did. It is also a different speaker altogether. Although I have never tried it out myself, many people say the SA-8s hit the lows better than the SA-12s. But it merely depends on both the speaker and the box.
  10. Just buy another SA-12 if you are going to buy anything lol.
  11. Right now I am just gonna run 2 AP1500s until I can afford a DC 5k. And about how much port will I need? @Akslowroller: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/72838-dc-dodge-d150-blowthrough-box-started-6-2-12-2-level-4-15s-wlvl-5-coils/page__st__120 Theres my build log
  12. I got my box designed for my 2 Level 4 15s with level 5 coils, and was looking for some critique or opinions on it. 4th order tuned to 45.09 hz. After displacement, ported area is 13.4 Sq In. per cube, and its 10.45 cubes. The Sealed area is 5.2 cubes. It is my first 4th order design, so go easy on me haha. Does it look good so far? Doing a blowthrough when I get back from vacation.
  13. I would do Skar VVX 12s if my price range was $200 a piece.
  14. It looks amazing steve, I really like your style. You know how to make anything look better than imaginable, and that is a pretty high standard to beat with the SMD. You brought style to power.
  15. I agree, it's not too bad. I would do a different song real quick for us though, I don't like that song lol
  16. Titebond II or III. Once you've used that all other wood glue sucks X2....Titebond II all the way. I buy it by the gallon! I have to agree, Titebond is the best wood glue I ever laid my hands on. Hell, I've never heardof or used any other glue than the Titebond II. There's another? I know Elmers has a wood glue that is pretty strong, but it still has nothing on Titebond II haha
  17. Yes when the bass hits the components will go off. Only at higher volumes will this happen. Volumes that i would always listen to that were playing fine. Ill check the speaker wire once i get home but it is possible that it is a voltage problem? Yeah, thats how mine was. It was fine until I turned it to around 20/35, which is where I do full tilt at. And it might be a voltage problem, but I would think the Subwoofer would shut off too if it was voltage, as it is sucking more power than the component amp is. Just my 2 cents.
  18. So when the bass hits, does the component speakers shut off or the subwoofer and components? If its just the components, see if the speaker wires are touching metal somewhere, causing it to send the amp into protect. Mine did the same thing, and I checked my noobish wiring from when I first started car audio, and found out one of the places I spliced wires at had came out of the electrical tape and was touching my trucks body. Retaped it and it fixed it all.
  19. I have an old JBL amp on mine, and I get some pretty friendly compliments on my components. Those Clarions are nice too from what I've heard about them.
  20. 138? I would say seal it up like everybody else said. I can only imagine that should fix it. 138 is less than what my single 12 hits haha. Hope you figure it out!
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