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  1. harbor freight bro...haha! just a nice little handy brake...nothing to industrial. Good for little stuff like this though. ok saw central machinery and figured thats where you got it lol. Guess I know what im getting tomorrow
  2. zv4's and x's sound the same. with that power I would go with the zv4. My van plays 8-60 hz and has no problems in the 40-60 range
  3. any good twisted RCA's. I use Skyhigh RCA's on all my sundown amps. If you need any let me know!
  4. hahahaha ya the dude got PISSED. I always try to be courteous and I may have been pushing it but the guy kept telling me to roll the window down (it didnt have a handle to roll it down) so we got a LOL out of it
  5. Damn that turned out nice. I sealed the doors off in the van with second skin products and its made a huge difference with mid bass. Overall everything sounded tighter. Great video!
  6. good to see you this week brotha. see you in Feb.
  7. and they will also have normal wire plug ins like and amplifier has for example.
  8. There will be 2 different versions. One for team guys and one for the public. They will come in preassembled banks balanced and with protection circuits for the public. Team guys have another option on this. These have been planned for the van for a while
  9. better than me just bringing ME. haha. I thought about driving but hmmm 1.5 hours in a plane while i watch 2 episodes of First 48 on my ipad........or 11 grueling hours each way and then babysitting my ride for 3 days and NOT driving it because i want to drink. Southwest Airlines you say? yessir! ya....Ive been in a fuck that im not touching the van mood....so the M5 is going instead LOL
  10. I will be there.....Think ill be bringing the M5 instead of the van this time though.
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