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  1. The dad is in the OBYGN bed, instead of the mom. I'm assuming it has to do with his physical stature, as part of the joke. ninja'd me by like 10 seconds Or its because they just had a newborn baby and the dad is laying in the bed pretending he did it. Nothing to do with weight Still could have something about stature involved. Or it's a picture about transgenders and we're all wrong. That would actually be funny. way to over think this one ..... and why are you on here and not driving to autorama?
  2. He had that in his room for months. lol. @ DC Power Kyle dont mean to thread jack but is your system in honda I listened to at world finals?
  3. 3 for 5 out the door you cant beat the price.... I dont prefer the light struck taste of the 40 oz bottles... not to say I would turn one down when presented with one somebody is buying for me
  4. this is the shirt I got and Sojia you are correct they fit very snug for the size
  5. I have the nut huger shirt in 2xl black .. If this is the normal quality of shirt brand than I guess it has worked for you in the past and now. I guess when She paid $25 for a shirt She And I would expect the same quality shirt that you would get at JcPennys, Tillys, or and Sports shop in the Mall. I guess I would Like to ask for the right to use the logo to have a Good silk screen shirt made to wear.
  6. I just want to say The DC shirt I got for Christmas is an excellent example of proper apparel.. Solid Silk Screen on both sides and a high quality Port and Company T shirt made for a long time of usage. Good looking out DC
  7. I don't want this to sound like Bashing because I'm not ..... But.... My girlfriend ordered me a Sundown shirt for Christmas from Sundown them self and the Shirt was a poor reflection of what I feel is a quality company. I have a T shirt that looks like they had it made at the mall at lunchtime , Not a Silk Screen but what looks to be an Iron on Logo on the front of an undersized Shirt made by a company called Gildan. I'm very disappointed and was looking forward to sporting my love for Sundown at Autoramma .
  8. Im not sure what to think on this... How did you get plates that say Fappin. How do you really drive around town with plates that say cat friendly.
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