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  1. as long as you have fuses and dont put jumper cables on incorrectly (or run 16v electrical), you could be good
  2. This pretty much sealed the deal for me buying my d3400.. (as soon as i get the cash lol)
  3. what volume are u going to and whats the max? jwing. cuz i have the 3100 and dont have any problems like this
  4. dont headunits have amps in em? clipping causes heat
  5. If by pushing it further than before, you mean clipping it...don't do it and you won't smell coil burning, lol.
  6. just turned 18 myself...and mine was a clean break so hopefully itll be fine. that sucks bro
  7. Is it your writing hand? It wasn't for me but everything was alot harder. I needed help everytime I took my coat on and off. That was embarrassing asking strangers for help with my coat...... yep my writing hand. cant tie my shoes and can hardly unzip my pants just to take a piss. ive been scared to wash the finger cuz it hurts so bad
  8. damn man they didn't give me anything to put on it. I went straight to the E.R when it happened and they told me to put like neosporin on it when i change the dressing every day, but when my workers comp person called me he told me that the doctor the e.r told me to go to is not where they're sending me cuz it has to be on their approved list. So they sent me to a clinic to get a drug test and have them examine my finger. those people told me not to put anything on it. they did give me antibiotics at the hospital though.
  9. yeah the stitches are pretty much in the crease towards the end of the finger. right index finger ftl. makes school, work, and EVERYTHING harder to do
  10. At work wednesday night my finger was closed in a walk-in cooler door. Ended up getting 4 stitches and its fractured. Will I really have to wear this godforsaken splint for 6-8 weeks? Does it hurt like hell having stiyches removed while your bone is broken? Any input helps ..first bone ive ever broken and first stitches i've ever had to get lol. Btw they already have me back to work and boy does it suck only being able to use 1 hand (THANKS WORKERS COMP!)
  11. You said it yourself that the subs are new....when i got my new dc sub and played it hard right off the bat I could smell the glue
  12. Not sure if this helps, but in my friends car we had a kicker 500.1 on his sub and a rockford 4 channel on the mids and highs. Had the same problem. couldn't figure it out and when we swapped the kicker sub amp for an aq1200 the noise went away,.
  13. We were saying that because he wants to run a burp sub lol..thing has a fs of like 55hz Kind of funny to say, that its a burp sub because the fs is 55hz. Some dc subs have way higher fs when received new. Not only dc but other brands too.. that's cool.
  14. We were saying that because he wants to run a burp sub lol..thing has a fs of like 55hz
  15. "Someone make me a bandpass box for 4 burp subs and tune it low" is all i read
  16. Dc will more than likely be cheaper than the jl's ...but since you are limited on space I can't really say what will perform the best. i have used dc and jl...dc sounds way better in my application
  17. I could get it at walmart? i know lowes has it cuz that's where i get mine
  18. damn nice dude. idk why but i really dig the box color with the yellow logo. those would most likely love a 3k. thanks bro and yeah i'm running the amp at 2 ohm till i get some batteries, then i can drop it to .5...the old brutus' are tanks lol
  19. lmao nate actually we had that color left over from painting my sisters room and when i met jeff he made a joke about it...and yeah i like the color too lmfao. pretty sure its like 11 cubes. i have the design somewhere, only thing we changed is we had to cut the corners off and 45 it because i fail at measuring curves in the back hatch opening. But yeah no build log because when im building i forget to take pics
  20. box is ugly...gonna go bondo happy once i get all my panels done. Subs barely getting tickled by the power they're seeing haha lmk what u think
  21. yeah and mines pretty loud...2 lvl 4 18s walled...low power right now though haha.
  22. sweet i have an xterra too...btw if you're trying to keep the back seats itll be a tight fit because of the way they angle back
  23. Wish it was that simple...though we do get a majority of our oil from canada, other countries are big contributors aswell. And what goes on in the world affects our economy, you better believe that. See gas jump when scares of the Suez canal being under terrorist control arose?
  24. everyone who thinks this is gonna be anywhere near the scale of Chernobyl is just insane...they no longer use graphite around the rods so theres hardly any chance of that.
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