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  1. I had an 08 and DI V6 for my girlfriend big mistake. Bought it for 19k in 2012 with 67k I believe black on black completely loaded pop up screen heated cooled seats, first of many problems was the cats and 02 sensors and heated 02 sensors were 385 from dealer I got all four for 600ish I lived with the cats throwing a check engine light every 2-4 months, wheel bearing excider rings would go bad and it's not a replaceable part have to do whole hub assembly otherwise it's only 2 wheel drive and has the abs and traction control lights on all the time did all 4 within 6 months.. Had a clunk in the rear that I couldn't get rid of. I know you're kinda a caddy guy but I'd look else like a newer Malibu. Since it's a Malibu and not a caddy you can probably get a lot newer year for same price. If u do go with caddy make sure timing chain and water pump were done otherwise it's supposed to be done at 100k. The caddy did drive awesome in any amount of snow here in MN besides acting like a plow because it sits so low. It was the hardest vehicle I have had to sell and it was in almost perfect cosmetic condition besides one dent where my GF got door dinged. I sold it with 130k and only for 6300 with the cats still acting up every 2-4 months. Not trying to tell u what to spend your money on just giving u my pros and cons. It rode really well minus the clunk and was decently quick.
  2. Right. It's not that it doesn't work or phone can't handle it. It's that you gotta zoom in so much to read anything and I liked the recent topics were all together. Now you gotta click on to each section instead of pages of recent stuff which I liked everything mixed together lol.
  3. Same issue here. Pain in the ass to skim on desktop version on mobile. Replied just for solution when it comes. Thanks
  4. Real temp here in southern MN is -28. Windchill was at -49 early this morning
  5. It was -33 here with windchill on Monday night or Tuesday and I still had heat at night. My diesel truck on the other hand takes forever to warm up. I know u had it flushed but look up back flushing. Makes a mess but u just need to remove to clamps on each heater core hose and backwards flush it. Made a hell of a difference on my Grand Prix. Took about 20 mins total
  6. You got a Grand Prix right bcp? Back flush the heater core I had to on my Grand Prix too. That won't be your check engine light but should give ur heat back.
  7. The NFL was labeled as nonprofit where the commissioner makes $40,000,000+ a year lol. They changed that last year or changing it this year maybe I don't remember.
  8. That's what I was gonna say if I pulled some shit like that the one town cop we have would just go to my house and wait for me to get home lol
  9. Lol one of them was probably one of our trucks. That's how I know haha. They re pave the roads so many times that the height goes down. Plus down their in the market was meant for trucks from back when. Not 53ft trailers and full size sleepers.
  10. Dude those bridges in Chicago are no joke. You measure half the bridges and they're only 13' instead of 13' 6" like they're marked.
  11. Any plans on suspension/deleting DEF? I know I probably wouldn't l chip it yet for warranty but a lot of ppl do and maybe since ur close with a guy at dealership they might still warranty if something were to happen. I love my Duramax but my next truck will be a 13-15 6.7 Powerstroke, I'm not balling on your level! lol congrats on the purchase I'm sure you'll love it.
  12. DID NOT MEAN TO LIKE BOLA'S POST. Damn mobile phone with a cracked screen. Tried hitting refresh and "liked" his post.
  13. I thought the same thing but I think he's probably in first gear still going 15-20kmh? Maybe I'm wrong.
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