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  1. Powder coat can have that kind if shimmer in the light too I dont give a shit what he does to the outside badass amp..... I dont know why but I want to see them in white with the dials mmmmhmmmmm
  2. Will buy or pay extra for shipping obviously the adapters don't weight anything With the foot both sides got stitches so I'm out for another week or so but I'll get speakers installed in the girls car, I dont even wanna know what the paper speakers look like lol
  3. Ya no big deal! What do I gotta do to get the 6x8s for the front doors my ass is not running downstairs right now???pic coming had surgery week ago on ankle lol
  4. it's not even on social media that i know....i haven't seen anything. I think what WAS said got pulled. I hope it comes back i will be happy to link it here.But regardless, this isn't about social media. Yes, i get it, some of you are too cool for facebook lol. But that is irrelevant. Just warning you all to be careful who you talk to or who you make friends with. Thought it was a social media thing because most stuff is nowadays.I never even saw anything Steve did....Why don't ya spill what ya saw Steve?
  5. I think we are all in the same boat beside directly involved.... We all got left out.....
  6. Heavy.... Having shit stolen by freinds I feel for thoes involved! And Steve not that you remember, you might, but you were right about getting screwed over eventually..... Takes a long time but it happened....
  7. What did I miss here someone pm me ??? Least you know now Steve it sucks but shit rather know than keep letting them in
  8. Because of how it was constructed. It's an 8' long port. I know what a tline is built a ton of them Go any pics of the line, I'm just not seeing 8 feet in that box, maybe I'm wrong...
  9. Sure seems like deal is still active got 4 batteries for 300 shipped
  10. And he's gone....... Welcome to the world of cnc's consuming your life! I reckon we will be seeing a lot less of Steve now Wait until you start cutting aluminum tho.... My garage is currently filled with alum shavings and I only ran for 2 hrs I like the dust boot the finer things in life!!!! Without that your shop would be dusted after one use, crazy how much more dust a Cnc router makes over ALL other equipment lol
  11. I just want a dust boot like that one on my Cnc Gonna save your ass some cleaning time lmao. What kind of programming are you going to run? 2d cut or 2.5d cutting something like that or are you going straight to very very expensive 3D software?
  12. This would work with the an 08-11 tundra dash??? hmmm And interface correctly then? Even if I don't already have the screen, and just the Bluetooth radio etune or whatever it is It should work or am I wrong?
  13. I got ya Thanks for the more in depth there I don't wanna pull interior twice so the real question is how good does spectrum stick to the damplifier Then is it better to pull interior twice and do spectrum then a month later do damplifier over or just do damplifier first and then spectrum pull interior once
  14. Hmmm Thanks for the info, but now I'm even more hesitant Any proof of the 30 days part? I mean they say 3 days interior back in 30 days of letting the car dry in the backyard open might be a bit much for my liking
  15. You mean 3 days...? Full cure I know I've used it before. I want an official answer from him after reading the wedsite clearly says one or the other And spectrum is suppose to be directly onto sheet metals no plastic rubber etc so I don't know how good it will stick onto the back of deadener: vice versa like it says will the amplifier even tick very well to the spectrum? If it's not sprayed on smooth your going to have that odd texture your rolling the deadener onto
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