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  1. i dont get db-rs logic.if i take a shit and only use one square of toilet paper to whip my ass and end up with shit on my hand its not the toilet paper companies fault its mine for not being smart enough to understand how to use it
  2. I have family that lives in Buckhannon Elkins Philippi and Grafton.I used to love visting when i was younger but hardly ever have a chance to get down there these days
  3. Maybe he wanted his family to be able to have a open casket funeral
  4. talk about a ball breaker.thats got to be the worst way for a guy to die.it hurts just to think about it
  5. Im a Browns fan.I was so happy to have 2 first round picks.I liked the Trent Richardson pick and think hes going to be a top 5 back but with RBs short career spans i dont think its worth it take take one that high in the draft.Then they decide to panic since Baylor WR kendall Wright went off the board to the Titans at #20 so at #22 they decide to take a 28 yr old QB who will be 29 in October.I dont get the logic in that pick at all........Oh well thats life as a browns fan
  6. not sure whos version it is but its a slowed version of trunk muzik by yelawolf
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66vfnflDiuQ&feature=player_detailpage im always amazed by what technology can do
  8. what version of bluetooth does your phone have.i think that headunit is only compatible with bluetooth versions up to 2.0
  9. why advertise you have a system.you might as well put a sign on your ride that says theives i have a system,look no further,come rob me
  10. OP the reason mariob said it was in the wrong place is becuase that 1st video was more about your trunk flexing enough to move a plastic bowl of water...not really to show off your car.i dont think he was trying to be rude or anything also id like to give you some advice.your coming off as mad and butt hurt with your comment toward mariob,just beacause he suggested to place your vid in a different section.....SMH......dude you have to be nice to other SMDers or you wont last long on here
  11. any of the ones you just listed is a great place to start your research and ill throw in Aq and Fi also
  12. theres plenty of good daily subs.look for reviews.a good place to start your search is by looking at comapnies that sell here
  13. as snowdrifter said it would help to know the coil configuration or your subs but you could get the AQ1200D.its 270 http://www.audioque....ifier_p_30.html
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