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  1. didn't think a loose belt could play this big of a part, but got it fixed belt was really loose, had a loud slip while running....threw a bigger idler pulley on that I had and it's charging fine now, quiet
  2. is there maybe a fuse on the stock turn on line for the alts? idk hoping something easy
  3. Got the dual alts in my blazer last week. At that time got one plugged in and working, charging 14.7 everything good Got the 2nd wired up today....went to start it and the throttle linkage was hung up on something. Basically started almost full throttle lol Revved up to 6k for a second or two and I shut it right off. Got the linkage fixed, started it and now the alts aren't charging Tach also doesn't work, shows all the way pegged idling
  4. did you get 1 or 2? 2 Time to get serious
  5. should be shipping in a few days can't wait
  6. Stock isn't bad on the m&p but the apex kits make a big difference Buddy just got a p320 and it's a sweet gun, shot it good
  7. easier sometimes to have it delivered to the ups hub and pick it up have done it when I know it will be signature required and no ones home during the day
  8. I don't really like it but you see it all the time here, I guess being in central cali helps lol Don't thk I've seen it on a Jeep
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