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  1. easier sometimes to have it delivered to the ups hub and pick it up have done it when I know it will be signature required and no ones home during the day
  2. nice with the lip on the basket going onto the angle iron are they sealed all the way to the baffle
  3. doesn't matter if the screw is touching the surround....get them nice and tight even if they rip the surround by the screw holes it wont do anything
  4. they're probably thinking a combo of heat and too high of a charging voltage
  5. How bad is it...post a pic I've had it happen with 2 batts and have seen it multiple times with them under the Hood Idk they might warranty it
  6. trying to sell an alt on fb....guy messaging me for like 30 minutes with questions about it I couldn't even answer, had to email Singer Than lowballs me by $100 just logged off after that
  7. that's not the real pic for that spider headline......it's way, way worse than that
  8. Asking for donations at the end Wtf Please tell me how my money is going to help end "street harassement"
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