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  1. nice with the lip on the basket going onto the angle iron are they sealed all the way to the baffle
  2. doesn't matter if the screw is touching the surround....get them nice and tight even if they rip the surround by the screw holes it wont do anything
  3. How bad is it...post a pic I've had it happen with 2 batts and have seen it multiple times with them under the Hood Idk they might warranty it
  4. that's not the real pic for that spider headline......it's way, way worse than that
  5. idk, but my 2nd alt has one wire coming out of the plug on it.....tapped that wire into the one on the plug going into the stock alt
  6. first pic makes it look bigger than it really is.....good technique for taking pics of other things as well
  7. Don't need a cnc I know a lot of people that use a jig with a drill press and vise I've done a polymer with just a dremel
  8. or are you asking if the m6 is big enough to hold it...as in width wise. Like the hole on the sky high lug is too big? Just use a washer, it holds them just fine
  9. how many terminals per + and - are you planning on having can get longer bolts easily from a hardware store
  10. Yeah it's Scott's....had 2 mayhems on 2 ct 7k's think a power wire under the hood melted on the exhaust or something happened so fast, couldn't do anything about it Kyle this one, was at AR
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