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  1. Walmart carries Sony, Pioneer, Jvc ... just a suggestion ...
  2. What he is saying makes no sense to me. If you are running the components with their crossover it is going to filter the music just like the built in crossover of the amp would. Just hook it up, set the crossover on the amp to full and let the component crossover do its job. As far as hooking up the power. Get a test light or a multimeter and find two fuses in your fuse box to wire them too. The 12 volt should have constant power and the acc should turn off when the car is switched off. Simple as that. Try running the constant to your brake light fuse and your acc to the radio fuse. Should be good to go. x2 ...
  3. local weding supply shop ... they can install great connectors too ... just my suggestion ...
  4. I know they can handle ALOT of power ... I'm running a modified Linear Power 2.2hv on my set with NO problems ...
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