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  1. Got a sneaky suspicion that the epicenter is not going to help you in any way with today’s stiff suspension sub bass drivers ... Just Saying
  2. The part I’m not getting is the 3 way on a 4 channel amplifier. Is part of the system passive ???
  3. Welcome Bought my first EQL back in the ???????? Early 90s ... After being in several vehicles, it’s still working today in an ole jukebox. Great Products
  4. Am I the only one that want back SEVERAL pages to find my old post ???
  5. The “Ear Candy” Linear Power Bread Truck. 144 Polk Audio DB 12s powered by 24 modified Linear Power 5002 IQ series Amplifiers. I will come back to this post when I get home to add pics ...
  6. Not just the enclosure, but most likely amplifier power. Running recommend ???
  7. So what improvements do you think your going make deviating from factory recommendations ???
  8. Assuming this is a pair of passive components and a pair of coaxial drivers, Yes, you can install all of this on a single 4 channel amplifier.
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