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  1. PICTURES TO COME ONCE PHOTOBUCKET DECIDES TO WORK PROPERLY So i've had a couple builds on here, time for another lol Some lead-in explanation is needed as always. Started out with a dollar and a dream, bought an 08 Tahoe, pretty well loaded with hopes of a 4-18s c-pillar on 20k with 4 alternators. Leather, heated buckets front and rear, third row (obviously to be removed), the perfect canvas to create a beast system.
  2. Get er done son! I'm living vicariously through you now since my explorer won't be seeing a wall anymore. Floor rotted through too much, not salvageable without major surgery and she's not worth it unfortunately
  3. Lookin killer!! Money saving tip: don't bother buying the Kreg Jig screws if you dont absolutely need them. I use regular coarse thread deck screws of the same length and they work perfectly fine. I love my Kreg but can't stomach the cost of their screws in the small quantity they come in. Can't wait to see this come to life though! I should be starting on mine in a couple weeks i hope.
  4. I will ponder the situation, message me on Facebook your dimensions both vehicle and box and I'll see what I can come up with
  5. Check this site out, helped me decide on whether I wanted a 4th order or not. http://www.splscience.com/how-to-design-and-build-a-4th-order-bandpass-enclosure/
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