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  1. Mosquitos they just came out of nowhere today What do you guys do to get rid of them?
  2. Their are a few items that are less than prime but once you add the shipping it's still usually cheaper than or the same unless it has free shipping and it'll take 5-7 days compare to 2 days At least for what I search/get For me it has work out Then you get music and video but I rarely use it
  3. I got prime free for a year Went almost 4 months without and one day I needed something fast so instead of paying $40+ for one item I paid $120? For the year not bad for 2 day shipping and no $35 minimum
  4. This made me laugh to hard And can't give you more likes So I'm quoting it to let you know ?
  5. That's your fault for not taking advantage of it It not my fault they're dumb I can see him replying something along those line I think he said something similar once
  6. Had to go to Walmart and buy what I needed Almost 3 years without going their
  7. Same, that shits the worst. I old iphone video somehow doubled one day; had 64 gb worth of music originally 32gb and thats a lot of thousands to click every other line lol. Painful memories and 35years closer to carpal tunnel syndrome now....Thanks itunes bitches If they are duplicates iTunes has a feature that shows the duplicates If they are I sort them by date and it's easy to get rid of them
  8. I'm voting for sandersAnd haven't said shit I'm just Me trump all the way lol
  9. I get "made fun" of cause of the shit I wentthriugh I just laugh It makes me feel normal Back when I could barely pick up a gallon of milk I would get mad when everyone would try to help me in everything
  10. Comcast Internet It's super fast (to me) but cuts off randomly hate having to turn off the wifi when that happens
  11. I think it has to do with areas my sister has T-Mobile and she's always complaining about not getting text and data being slow I've had att since 2006 never have had a problem I don't if they have late fees but I've gone 2 months without payong the bill without them cutting the line Only problem we have is with my dad with getting reception where he works at but according to him only Verizon has reception
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