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  1. Explain please? Also, not skimping on electrical. Build up your electrical first, then concern yourself with subs and amps More for like door panels or walls. put long strands perpendicular, helps with durability. put on the inside
  2. You guys talk like I'm a total noob, lol. I understand the difference between classes and I understand crossovers. I was simply asking why there is a $100+ difference between the prime 400.4 and the Punch 400.4. rockFord_Expedition gave me the info I was looking for. The PPI looks nice but not what I'm looking for.
  3. So the prime 400.4 will still be rated close to 100x4 but not underrated like the higher lines and do 150+ x 4?
  4. I'm not asking which is better. I'm asking what the difference is. I'm looking for a good 4 channel amp and some 6'5 coaxials. specs, efficiency, and power handling are all very similar, almost exact on rockfords site. Why the BIG price difference?
  5. I just got a brand new sig 226 .40 on a trade. Too bad you don't live closer to Indiana, I'm trying to sell it now.
  6. I just started playing again. not sure about an smd clan but I don't mind more people to play with. Varietyguy1985 PS3
  7. You need to call the police and explain that ups will not talk to you. They should be able to handle everything for you.
  8. That's when you jump back in the shower upside down for an "American Bidet".
  9. If you look in the enclosure and subwoofer section there are dozens of topics on how to design a 4th order. Start there, it will give you a better idea of what you are getting yourself into.
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