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  1. Hell yeah thank you KB I've seen you here forever. I went on Fb bassheads on budget but didn't know who to trust for a recone so i impulse went to Fi website and bought a recone for a BL and within like 6 hours I realized that coil wasn't no 3 inch and got to looking and thought oh shit I have to get with them immediately. I tried to call Fi just cause id rather do that but the number didn't work. I got them on FB messenger immediately. Idk who I got on the other end but they asked for my order# and pics and said "it is a BL with a 4inch coil very rare sub" I told them I'm on standby if they need any measurements or anything but no word yet. I Def don't want to bother them so I'm just on standby to wait my turn.
  2. Thank you! I am super stoked to revive this thing, the guy here had it in a plywood box and the condition of it speaks volumes to the amount of care shown to this BAMF. They literally had no idea what they had. The paint is rustoleum gloss protective enamel. I thought it was to much orange so I polished it instead.
  3. Has anyone ever had or know anything about an Fi BL18 with a 4 inch coil? Has 5 layer spider and what looks to be a flatwind coil 3 days ago I bought this one for 20 dollars! and am looking to recone it. But fi only has stock recones which should be 3 inch. Yesterday I impulse bought a recone for a BL 18 v2 d2 lol Then I cut the sub open and got to looking more and realized wtf I have a 4 inch coil! So I got with Fi, and they are helping me. But so far they have only said it's a rare sub.
  4. Got a sheet of 3/4 ready to start cutting but not sure yet. Any other input?
  5. Cornut that looks really nice like professional grade. Thank you, I bet that thing got down right? I'm hoping to at least make a good enough enclosure to make someone say damn that's one 10 on a 500? Ok!
  6. Joe the previous enclosure was in an 2002 extended cab silverado subs up slot port along bottom to the side with no L shape. Huge box took up all the back seat, 4cu net at 35hz double baffle Circa 2012 I believe when I joined up. It was real close to this model.... I'm not sure what orientation would be best in this smaller suv I was thinking sub rear port rear but I'm just guessing at best. Will be playing mostly decaf and russticals so was wanting to not kill this driver by unloading that's why I thought 33 or something lower would possibly be best but again I'm not to savvy on enclosure design lol.
  7. Or maybe this shape would be better being as there's not a huge dead air chamber and everything is more proportional to the port. Not sure on tuning I would think 33 but skar recommends 38 and I feel like it would be playing below tuning all the time
  8. Maybe I could do something like this. I found this box builder online.
  9. Hello I just bought a new family vehicle for the wife and kids to use. My wife says the stock system needs more bass for sure and she would love it if I could install some of my equipment that's been sitting in my basement forever! OK! Problem! I have no idea how to build a design and last time I got help 10years ago from Joe X. 2 E12s ported at 35hz on a T500bdcp and let me tell you what it worked so good! Wondering if I can find assistance again!? Here is what we are working with if anyone can help. I'll start from the top we are going to be in a 2022 chevy equinox with max dimensions of 40"width and the depth and height can be whatever necessary. Equipment available to be used will be- Rockford Fosgate balanced line driver line output converter. Rockford Fosgate T500-1 bdcp with a (Switchable Fixed subsonic @ 28hz) And I have 4 Skar Audio 10" D2 coils to use. I'm Thinking 1 or mayyyybe 2 of those would be best. 1 would match the amplifier better. Looking for the most output possible focusing on an area between 28 and 45hz for rap and bass boosted stuff like that.
  10. Everything is OK as far as charging goes my truck charges mid 14s consistently. I will keep an eye on it. Today it wasn't hissing but the bulging is there
  11. Hey my 2700d I noticed while checking my fuel pressure today it was hissing and I noticed the side bulging out. Please tell me that's normal lol
  12. Maybe try running your idea past ram designs.. Is it possible get pretty loud in the mid to upper 20s on 1 sa12 ~600w?
  13. Awesome man! I really like what my 2 e12s can do hopefully you can get where you want with this, and I'm sure if you do it'll be perfect. I assume these would be by far the best entry level budget woofers on the market.
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