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  1. So he got two 10 inch pioneer ts-w106m subs on a boss be1600.2 Built this box. with 1/2 MDF instead of 3/4 and I'm thinking it's too Much internal volume? Any ideas on a quick salvage or if i can fix it by adding wood to take up internal volume and salvage this build
  2. To be honest my 500 and 400-4 are wanting more alternator. I wish to have a little extra cash available when one of those mechman used ones for the ls motors comes across the classifieds.
  3. Cool my electrical setup in my silverado is the biggest alt autozone had i believe it's a 160 and I've got an xs d2700. Unfortunately my two 12s are at one ohm so i know i don't got enough alternator for that daily plus running the p400-4. Maybe I'll just test it out a little when i get it back. My plan is to put a lightweight smaller ported style box like one dc 8" on this zx at 2ohm, in my grand prix gxp that way trunk space is fine and it don't weigh down my quick grocery getter. Thanks guys i had a feeling kicker made pretty decent amplifiers
  4. It's a 09 model that my friend had on an l7 for years. He smelled something when it shut off. I opened the cover and one of the input fets i believe it is, is burnt. There's 6 input fets and in front of each one is a small black gate resistor i think. The board around most of them dudes looks to have been getting warm as well. Everything else looks perfect so I'm sure kicker can hook me up for a decent fee. Anyone know anything good or bad about these amplifiers? I've never had any kicker stuff.
  5. Ya Steve your right, triticum knows allot though for sure prob just overlooked it. The room is just to small. I checked phase, and I've unhooked the towers since they suck imo. I stacked the bose on each other in a corner ports loading off the wall. I've lost left and right but I'm hearing more bass in the room at lower volume. I'd love a good home sub build though. My truck box build sounds so good imo thanks to joex
  6. Hey yall. I have noticed when playing my decaf stuff in my home stereo, when walking down the hallway or in the adjacent bedroom the bass sounds fantastic. In the room it is completely lacking extension or even presence, in the low end. I'm looking for advice maybe even a nice bang for your buck subwoofer build our premade powered sub. I have a pioneer vsx 515 2 bose 301v (8" woofer 2 tweeters each speaker) And a very old set of Sanyo tower speakers which use a 12", a 3"?, and a tweet in each cabinet. Their currently oriented on each side of tv bose stacked on top of towers. It's in a square 14' by 16' 8' tall bedroom with bedset and some stuff hanging around the walls like pictures. And curtains
  7. Hey Jones your buddy Cody with the gto at OReilly told me u had a nice setup. I've got a gxp too, seen u on lstech as well. I stay in hamilton, we should all get together sometime. I'll let you hear my setup in my truck. I would think you could do 4 12s in 8cubes net on 2k and port up through rear deck. That'd be bad! What amp and electrical do you got going on?
  8. I'd imagine they get pretty damn loud. I've been seriously torn around the 750rms range. Ive Been wanting to change it up from these sundown E12s and have always looked at the ssd and q along with the chaos too. I Haven't seen the x mentioned much at all.
  9. Maybe it's a ground loop problem? You could Try this, get your power and ground from your distribution blocks and daisy chain it to your kicker crossover (if it even needs 12v) and up too your head unit. That way everything is using the same chassis ground.
  10. Awesome man! I really like what my 2 e12s can do hopefully you can get where you want with this, and I'm sure if you do it'll be perfect. I assume these would be by far the best entry level budget woofers on the market.
  11. Really nice work man! I wish i could hear that thing haha. Im looking forward to seeing more from ya.
  12. I have two sundown e series 12s on my Rockford T500-1 bdcp. They have been fantastic man. Definitely keeps up with my dodge 318's full catless exhaust. 300 Watts imo is fine untill/if you want more. A nicely designed enclosure can make the most out of your system low end.. Check out ram designs if you have a chance. Ps throw us some pictures man, i love novas haha twin 80mm turbos 6spd big brakes 4 link rear suspension daily driver man wish i could hit a lottery
  13. My Rockford P400-4 is rated at 50x4 @4 ohms...100x4 @2 ohms and requires an 80amp fuse to be installed. I'm not sure i can believe the specs are accurate on that massive.
  14. I personally would get one nice strappable amplifier like soundqubed/aq750.1 or audio technix/ct sounds... At that point you have a quality amplifier, and you're in the budget. You will be slightly low on power for the time being though. I would then save a little each week and in a couple months grab the matching amp.. Just 1 way to go about it...
  15. I would contact mtx and get the info on pricing, I once had a thunder x600 that stopped working right, they offered a flat rate replacement or fix if possible i want to say it was about $125 man. Myself.. I went ahead and had them fix it. They sent a new one that worked great for months until it got stolen out my truck... Fkuckin sucked Anyway yu should call mtx Db-r is another business that comes to mind.. Have a look at their website.
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