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  1. No, not forgery. Your best bet is to contact the Houston Police Dept. directly and explain your situation.
  2. I want a black t shirt. Probably a medium. I am from Canada. Waht is the total cost with shipping?
  3. You are clearly not getting my point. I guess I've found the critic on the forums. I'm done.
  4. And don't come back with a dumbass reply because you know damn well, what I am saying is possible. Again, when it was clamped at 1100.
  5. Like I said, I am not saying I am a veteran installer. I also admit I don't know everything. But when it comes to a clean cut system with not much to it other then a box that is tuned to spec, and a relatively low powered amp (the brz1700), it is fairly easy to tell by ear that an amp is not producing the power it is supposed to. Especially when it was clamped at approximately 1100 watts.
  6. New amp installed. Sounds EXCELLENT!!!!

  7. But for real. OP. Just keep in mind you get what you pay for..Really. KEEP THAT IN MIND!! Just tryign to save you a little bit of time and money.
  8. 20 installs and not a problem with one of them. I'm not a 15 year old kid who just got a car and wants to put a ten in it. I have been into car audio for over 7 years. In seven years time, I have never had a problem with any of the builds I have done or have worked on. I'm not saying i'm a veteran installer because I don't do it everyday. I'm just saying that I am not a rookie when it comes to car audio.
  9. So you are saying the number of posts on an internet forum determines knowledge and experience level?
  10. Just hasn't been updated..
  11. *whispers* don't get Hifonics...
  12. I find that hard to believe. However, impressive if true.. Back to the point.. You get what you pay for.. I have had a bad experience with Hifonics. Just my two cents..
  13. I'm just saying. I have done about 20 installs in my time so I know what I am doing when it comes to hooking up amps. Definately not user error. The ear-o-meter? Never heard of it. I have heard the difference between 500rms, 1000rms, 1500 rms, and so on up to about 5000rms. I know the amp wasn't pushing 1700. Ya sure it could have been a bad amp from the factory. But two of them? Come on. Read the reviews. It is a good amp for the money don't get me wrong. However, keep in mind you get what you pay for.
  14. Not worth your time. Got one and it started smoking. A buddy got one too and it didn't put out near 1700. Maybe more like 1000. Spend the extra money and get something worth your time. Something that will last longer and deliver cleaner bass..
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