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  1. badass...im tuned in...Love bentlys never gonna be able to own one but its nice looking at them...And his pockets are swole to buy a bently and then upgrade it
  2. i would be interested but like stated above i would like to know the requirements and what all will be done with the team...
  3. x2 on the excursion vids...deff wanna see that beast bumpin
  4. xl my size lol my guess is 978 watts lol didnt fully understand or read the "total" part lol... im thinkin like 3850 watts
  5. im wondering the same thing, i am gonna be running 2 crescendo 3500s but one for starting and the otherwill add later.
  6. I live in North Carolina and i swear this japanese dude has a burgandy one of these and was driving it down us1 about a month ago. He was from out of state and it was a passenger drive car, i followed him to the store just to ask him about it. Whether it was a real one or a kit car or maybe a car turned into one. True story bro, not even bullshitting cuz somebody just told me the other day that they were illegal and i was wondering how that dude got his riding around.
  7. well the double din will already have navi so the aux function will be the computer but at the same time i want the bigger touchscreen to run mac mini or what ever computer all the time ya know.
  8. What i wanna do is run a double din of some sort as my main headunit for my music and navigation and all that extra stuff. But here is the kicker i want to put a mac mini or some sort of computer in my truck also with about a 12,15 or 19 inch touchscreen.But i want to be able to play music through the touchscreen also if i have the navi going or vice versa. That way i can have 2 things going on. Anybody know a way to accomplish this? i want the computer to be able to run thru the double din and the other screen also, I dont have one in hand so i can try it out but before i buy a mac mini i want to see if i can do that or what i will need to accomplish that. Preciate your help in advance.
  9. congrats bro, when i use to have a job it was about 30 to 40 min there everyday i thought everybody has to drive a lil bit to drive to work. You cant always expect your job to be within 5 min from you lol. Good luck with the job tho i have been looking for a job for a year and a half and i cant even get a job fuckin yard mowing other than what i do myself and what i do on the side for my car bizness. Its never enough though, i cant wait to get a job. for 12 dollas id be estatic lol
  10. im 22 years old have 2 dislocated shoulders from working, a broke buttbone, scoliosis i think thats how you say it on my back. I recently got in a fight and knocked the dude out and he fell on me and ripped 3 ligaments and a muscle in my left foot so i gotta walk all fucked up half the time lol. Fell off a 16 ft latter and fuckd my back all up, and i have to hear my dad and when my grandpa was alive he would always tell me to take care of my body cuz id need it after awhile lol. now i know what he was meaning.
  11. rubbing alcohol works wonders, and also that goo gone is bangin too. I hate tree sap, it will get on your shit and fuck it up if you dont kno how to get it off. Good luck with getting it off mane
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