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  1. As you guys can see above i am looking for 2 sets of 1/0 angled inputs. Thanks
  2. LOL!! I SWEAR it's my last time That's what you said the last 2 times ... I don't think I'll believe you this time hahaha
  3. Bro I know I have been gone for like 3 years but shit how many times are you going to change your set up? Lol
  4. Well, I'm running a pair of Hertz HSKs on RF T600-4 and 1 Fi Sp4 15 on RF T2500.. Northstar group 34, Eaton for rear battery (specs equivalent to D7500).. I have everything, just have to install which I'm doing starting Saturday on my vacation well shit, some one decided to grow a pair and go big lol
  5. well hello guys loonnnggg time i dont post anything here are the doors , got them done.
  6. i have seen that tantric deadner in zaim s10, i was actually there when he was putting it on and shit that thing is thick
  7. nice, i kinda had the same problem you can say? but i love my mayhems and i am re doing a new box as well, and my doors are actually getting done. i picked up some prv mid and highs for my doors not to long ago
  8. nice mazda man, sorry to hear some one keyed you ride .... that person for sure is going to hell
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