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  1. super clean love how you took your time and attention to detail, that car for sure is not shaking i can tell you that with all that deadening done to it lol
  2. i would love to have one for my dc 7.5k would you guys sell it separate for the people who have dc amps already?
  3. I was guessing a solid 10-12 redbulls They really did seem to enjoy it though, it was a lot of fun making this short video =) -Kevin hahaha basshead problems
  4. very very nice ride and subs and score and everything god dam it lol
  5. no loss in DB's. No loss in sound quality. (depending on the way your songs are ripped, of course) this is what i wanted to know too steve thanks
  6. steve how are you connecting the ipad? your doing it with Bluetooth? or using one of the options from soundman?
  7. I thought it was just the iPad and the dash kit. Dam that's a steal your getting the module as well I did not know that am for sure Jumping on one. But all I need is the dash kit no iPad I can get one for cheap
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