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  1. I'd rather not. I'd like to avoid forum arguments now. Lately seems my opinion and time with certain products cause people to get mad.
  2. It could also just be how I judge speakers. Most people think if it sound "clear" it's good. I dont see it as just needs to sound clear
  3. I had the same bad sound on the few I did locally. Just couldn't get them sounding good. Ended up swapping them out with a set of PhD FB 3 ways. 1 I swapped out to 2 way mercury and it was awesome. I really think it's the set itself. No matter what I did.
  4. He has a 2015 silverado. Almost the same stuff I have in my 16 silverado. I worked with him over the phone.
  5. I can agree. I do installs for local guys. I've had a few guys bring me the 3 way set. Install. Run rta, tune and all that. And it was meh at best.
  6. Will there be another round of these anytime in the near future?
  7. I was gonna say. When the wife had hers, I never saw anything called a leaflet I only rode in it once because when I got out after that I literally fractured 2 vertebrae. It was sold shortly after that 😂
  8. I havent heard of a new sa set coming. But there is an ns series being designed now
  9. No clue. Local audio shop has them though. I see them there all the time
  10. Please do. It would be much appreciated. Im just a dumb concrete worker and framer and floor installer and plumber. Electrical is not my forte
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