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  1. I think it was clipping that did it. Just because of the simple fact he heard the rubbing. They can handle 2k of clean power, so I think that wasn't the issue. I had them daily on a nendo 3500 at .5 daily, no problems at all. I've learned never to turn anything ALL the way up, it's never good. I'd definitely suggest getting a smd dd-1 simple to use, and you'll know when you're clipping your equipment. Sorry for the loss of your subs, R.i.P. Fosgates
  2. Coil came lose from overheating most likely... Aka blown. Try pushing up on cone, you may be able to see some of coil that came apart
  3. What model is your radio? If those RCA outputs were 6v then yeah, dirty power with the bass on +6 or whatever max is, was most likely reasoning on toasting them. They should still be fine as long as you didn't continue to beat on them while you smelled that sweet tangy smell all of bass heads hate
  4. Could be number of issues, can't say if we can't see and run test in person. I personally love those subs!! Get very loud in 4 cubes each... For what their worth. OP are you sure smell was coming from subs? Did you touch dustcap? Anyway to remove subs and smell coil area?
  5. And @cleansierra I think your thinking backwards buddy. If his gain on his amp is at 6v, the amp would work less. That of course if the radio has preamp voltage of 6 volts. If the op dialed the amp towards .2v the amp would get "louder" work harder.
  6. Those subs will handle that power "clean" because I had them on a crescendo 3500 daily Dirty power was sent to subs if you smell them.
  7. that aa 500.1 is pretty power hungry, so I understand being over conservative with power. Like the other guys stated, more alts the better. at least 500amps of charging power and 4 0r 5 d3100s to have tout electrical.
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