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Found 27 results

  1. Hey y'all! Here's the next hot debate! Skar MA-8 versus Sundown SA-8, which is better and why? They look almost identical, the Sundown has a 100-watt RMS rating lead on the Skar, but also has a $20 price lead. Is the extra $20 just for the name? What do y'all think? If it matters, I'm getting the Skar as a Christmas present. It'll be running on a 500-watt monoblock amp, cuz that's what I've got.
  2. I have a 2003 Chevy Tahoe, currently have 2 Skar Audio VVX 15s on 2K Watts in a 30Hz ported box. I have the subs sitting Up and the Port facing the rear (trunk lid). I plan on getting one or two PSI 18's soon but am having trouble figuring out what to do next. I LOVE LOW NOTES. And just dont feel that the Skar's put out the Lows loud enough (VVX 15 has an FS of 38hz, the PSI P3 18 is 27HZ!). I will be hopefully installing Murder Mat sound deadener soon which im sure will make the lows better, but still, im after LOUDER CLEANER Lows that my whole body can feel while still sounding amazing. I need to ask you guys (especially those with very high-end systems), how do i achieve clean loud lows?? Im aware that Box design is crucial. Would Subs Up Port Up be better for lows? Or having the subs and port both facing forward towards me? Also lets say for a single 18" sub, what Cubic FT should the box be for clean loud lows? Yes, Im pretty noobish at systems but im learning so anyone with advice please feel free to help thanks.
  3. I would like some help on some box dimensions for my two Fi SP4 15's. I have a 2000 F-150 extended cab and want to build a custom ported box to go in the rear section of the cab (removing the back seat to put in box). The total amount of space that I can work with is 24" from the back wall of the cab, 62" from door to door, and 24" tall. What dimensions should I use to build my box? And i dont want any recomendations on certain programs that I could use to determine what I need, I have tried a few and now of them are quite what I am looking for. Also, what is a good frequency to tune the box to? Thanks for the help, Nolan.
  4. New to the forums. Here is my 2011 Chevrolet Aveo install. Nothing too fancy, soon to upgrade.Install Consists of:Eclipse CD3200 Head unitHifonics Brutus BRZ2400.1D(2)Alpine Type-R 10's ([email protected]Ω)Sealed box, that's on the small side.Lemme know what you think.P.S.- Please excuse my mess. The amp, rear hatch, and subs were dirty by the time I finished this install. They've been cleaned.Pic 4 also shows 1 VC connected; 1 coil is shorted, so until I recone it, that's all she's got.
  5. I am thinking of bed lining my entire truck. Does anyone have any expierence with this? And what would be some pros and cons to doing it?
  6. Might not be the write title.. But I've seen plenty of video's of Sundown 8's hitting hard... Im planning on getting 2 12" SD's. Will they move to much to be put in a box under the seat downfiring? I'd assume after the subs in no more then 1/2" of room before the carpet..
  7. 1. Product: (1) Skar Audio LP 1000.1D Monoblock Amplifer 2. Specs: LP-1000.1D Techinical Specificaitons Class D Monoblock Amplifier 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Stable @ 1 Ohm Model Number : LP-1000.1D RMS Power @ 1 Ohm : 1000 Watts x 1 Channel RMS Power @ 2 Ohms : 700 Watts x 1 Channel RMS Power @ 4 Ohms : 430 Watts x 1 Channel THD @ 4 Ohms : <1% Low Pass Filter : 50 Hz ~ 250 Hz Bass Boost : 0 dB ~ 15 dB Signal to Noise Ratio : 92 dB Fuse Rating : 40 Amp x 3 Phase : 0~180 Degree's Subsonic Filter : 16~50 Hz 4 Gauge Ground and Power Terminals Slave / Master Switch Built In Low Pass Crossover High Level Inputs Gain Remote Knob & Wire Included Mounting Bracket Hardware Included 3. Description/Condition: This amp is in perfect working condition and includes our standard warranty as all of our products. It looks nearly perfect cosmetically and only shows sign of very minimal use. 9/10 if I had to rate it according to cosmetics. Again, it works perfectly. You are basically getting an almost new amplifier for a fraction of the cost. 4. Price: : We are looking at selling it for $200 shipped. NO TRADE-INS, sorry. Willing to consider offers, cash only however. Because we only have one, it will be 'First Come, First Serve' You can send the payment via our PayPal account - [email protected] Ships UPS ground same day payment is made, along with the tracking number sent to your email. 5. Pictures:
  8. I am looking to buy up to 8 2 ohm 8 inch subwoofers. I am mainly looking for DC Audio level 2 8 inch, Sundown N8V2 or SA-8, maybe Skar or DD 8's as well. So if you have 2 or more subs that I am looking for pm me price and how many you have and condition they are in. I don't want subs that have been abused or ran with over kill of power. Nothing wrong with that just looking for subs that are pretty new, not abused power wise and good looking condition. Looking to start a project with 8 subwoofers in a custom fiberglass enclosure so looking to start buying the subs. I have Items I am willing to trade if interested at all. 18 inch subs, Soundstream Amp, and maybe some other stuff. Thanks
  9. Product/Description: For sale is (4) (Only 2 left!) Skar Audio VVX 15's, dual 4 ohm. These are brand new, never seen power. They have 6.5" black poly dust caps that I added for looks, they were not needed. These are not re-cones, there is nothing wrong with them, they are 100% BRAND NEW, in original packaging. RMS 600 each (will take +1000w of clean power all day from what I have seen) Pics: Price: $200 each shipped (cont. US only) or $700 for all (4). EDIT: $175 each, or $650 for all 4, shipped (cont. US only) I will take offers, just please do not low ball... I really need to sell these. Help a fella out, someone out there needs these subs! And you gotta admit, they look pretty good, now! EDIT: Two of these are gone, only 2 left. Better grab them up while you can! 2nd EDIT: They are now all gone, sorry guys! - Purplehaze
  10. Which sub do you all think would be better and hit low notes better?
  11. Hey Everyone.I recently bought a 2002 f150 extended cab.I am looking to put subs in it and I would like to put them under the back seat.SO i am looking at 8'' subwoofers.I am stuck though between skar audio, sundown, and rockford fosgate.Which subs are the best for the price.looking at doing 4 8''s.I am not wanting to spend more than $120 per sub.I have to fosgate 10's in my other vehicle and i love them.I am looking into the other two brands.What are your guys take on Skar and Sundown.
  12. 1. Product: (2) Skar Audio SK 125.4D Multichannel Amplifiers 2. Specs: Technical Specifcations Full Range Class D Multichannel Amplifier 4 Ohm RMS Power : 133 Watts x 4 2 Ohms RMS Power : 204 Watts x 4 4 Ohm Bridged RMS Power : 396 Watts x 2 Frequency Response : 20Hz~20kHz Input Sensitivity : 6V-0.2V Remote Gain Control 4 Way Protection Circuitry (Thermal, Voltage, Speaker Short, DC) Sleek, Compact Footprint Design Channel 1/2 Crossover : 50 (500)Hz~500(5K) Hz Selection : HPF / Full / LP-BP Crossover Multiply : x1, x10 Subsonic Filter : 10Hz~100Hz Channel 3/4 Crossover : 50 (500)Hz~500(5K) Hz Selection : HPF / Full / LP-BP Crossover Multiply : x1, x10 Subsonic Filter : 10Hz~100Hz Dimensions : 190mm (Width) x 55m (Height) x 300mm (Length) 3. Description/Condition: These both are in perfect working condition and include our standard warranty as all of our products. They look great cosmetically and only show signs of very minimal use. 9/10 if I had to rate them cosmetically. Again, these work perfectly. They were repaired by Steve @ Amp-Medics for a 3rd channel not working, but as stated they work fine now and include warranty. You are basically getting an almost new amplifier for a fraction of the cost. 4. Price: : We are looking at selling them for 350$ each. NO TRADE-INS, sorry. Willing to consider offers, cash only however. Because we only have two, they will be 'First Come, First Serve' You can send the payment via our PayPal account - [email protected] Ships UPS Ground same day payment is made, along with the tracking number sent to your email. 5. Pictures:
  13. New build starts around page 6. Vids are on page 12. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- old stuff Ok, so I've decided to bring the 87' Accord out of the dark ages with a cool new toy and build a new console while i'm at it By the way, an 87 accord has pretty much no damn room in it. (More pics at end of thread) I started by buying a Liliput 8" touchscreen TFT Display. Then i added an Intel Atom dual core 1.8ghz cpu and motherboard here is one for size comparison. I'll put up more pics as the build progresses.
  14. I would like someone to design a box for a zvx 15 that is ported at @32hz and is 3 ft^3, the cut out is 13.9, sub woofer displacement is 0.17 ft^3 , and the mounting depth is 9.3. It will be a trunk box so port back sub back and would like it to be double baffled, willing to pay for a good design thanks!!!! Will be running an aq2200 in a 1995 toyota avalon xl
  15. Alright so I just ordered a VVX-12 D4 and it'll be here on thursday. So I figured I would try and design a box for it using bass box pro 6. here is a screen shot of what I have so far Is this any good? I Dont really know what I'm doing with this program. Should I just stick with torres?
  16. New system here. I can't figure out how to post the video from photobucket. http://vid67.photobucket.com/albums/h298/sparklz01/20140704_183203_zps22df334d.mp4 Sorry for the close ups on this one. Was really bright out and coudln't see what the phone was recording. http://vid67.photobucket.com/albums/h298/sparklz01/20140802_133534_zpsaf5e1eb3.mp4
  17. Hi everyone, I finally joined after a long time lurking this forum. I recently decided to step up my bass game from the two 12’s I’ve had for a while. I’ve had a system in every vehicle I've owned and was the one always doing installs for friends in high school and teaching them how to install. I've always wanted to do a serious build, so I decided one day I’d sell my Subaru for an S10 and upgrade my system properly. So I bought a 99 Sonoma ZQ8 ext cab this past november and spent the spring fixing up the main issues that needed to be done before spending money on the system. I had a blown double cardan joint that I replaced with a rear conversion shaft and blown shocks that were replaced with a Belltech 2/2 drop kit (+ZQ8 = 3.5"/3.5” total). I recently swapped in a Mechman 270A alternator that I got used for $150 to power the upgrades I’m doing to my stereo. Earlier this week I went up to the only SPL shop I could find in my area and ordered an 18” Skar ZVX v2 (they said it was better than the Sundown X I was looking at and I trust them since they are successful SPL competitors). I also have 100 sq. ft. of GTmat for dampening, but will only be doing the floor/roof/backwall because I plan to replace the rusty doors next summer when doing bodywork. I will probably get a Skar SK1500d before heading back to school in september if I can sell my current stereo in time. I've gotten rusty with installations after not doing many in the past few years, so I'm open to suggestions. This was what my truck looked like... until a "friend" backed up into the bed with his new F150, this is my damage. This is his damage, he was able to rub most of it off and is now being quite difficult in helping with the repair(long story)... So this is what it looks like now. I intend on doing the bodywork next summer, but I'm still unsure of what direction the build will go in (I will probably clean up the panel before going back to school). I installed the Mechman 270a alternator and Big 4 with 1/0awg copper welding cable. It took a while to get all the right parts, mainly the belt. Also I use SnapChat a lot, so that will explain the text on most of the pictures. I got this alt on Kijiji for $150. It was from a 2006 Tahoe, but for some reason he got one that didn't have the proper PCM hook-up and was causing charging issues. I saw the one wire and similar plug and figured it should work, luckily it did. It was tough to fit the four 1/0 grounds and original ground, even with extended posts. A dual battery upgrade is on the list. Since I couldn't find it anywhere, the proper belt for a large case Mechman alt on a 4.3L is the Goodyear Gatorback 4060960. Unfortunately the one I bought had a different belt (taught me to verify the part numbers!) inside, a 4060100 if I recall, which was 4 inches too long. I got it sorted out after waiting a few days for it to arrive. Either way, I saved about $500 getting it used. If it craps out, I'll try to send it back to Mechman to be refurbished with a 6-phase stator (hopefully will last longer than my last 2 stock alts). I also picked up a raw LED voltmeter for $6, I think it's for Arduino projects. I like it, but I just got to find a proper wire for it to read off, the factory voltmeter wire was killing the battery on start-up.
  18. Not sure if you would call it a build really, more of a rebuild of my old system. Current setup: Headunit: Pioneer AVH-2400BT Subs: 2 Kicker C15's w/ 10G speaker wire Amp: Memphis 1000.1 Mono Amp Doors: Infinity Reference 6032cf (4) Dash: Infinity Reference 6432cf (2) Power: SoundQuest 0G Crude mail slot port box I built All door and dash speakers on headunit power. Before I pull some of this stuff out, I plan on metering it because I haven't had it scored yet, and is significantly louder than the previous setup @ 4 ohms in a prefab. UPDATE: Got the old setup metered at 143.0 db, but due to the messed up box, it was @ 45hz Just recently, made these additions: Optima Yellow Top D75 under the hood Big 3 in oversized 0G 48 sq ft. of Damplifier spread amongst the doors, cargo area, tailgate, and roof. The new system will consist of: Headunit: Pioneer AVH-2400BT Subs: (2) Skar VVX-12 Sub Amp: Crescendo BC2000D Doors and Dash: Same Doors amp: MB Quart 4.125 Kick Panel Components: Image Dynamics CTX65cs Components (and dash?) amp: MB Quart 4.125 Power for MB Quart Amps: SoundQuest 0G Split to (2) 4 Gauge Leads Sub Amp Power: DIYMobile Oversized 0G Sub wire: 8G Front battery: Optima Yellow Top D75 Rear Battery: XS Power D1200 Big 3 in Oversized 0G 4-5 ft^3 Ported box tuned to 33 hz built by someone who knows what they're doing I plan on doing the whole rebuild over Christmas break, and as parts come in, I will add them along with pictures.
  19. Well this is my first build log as I am somewhat new to the forum, so here goes- I drive a 2005 Chevy Colorado Ext. cab. Love the truck but not a lot of room, so that means the back seats were coming out. Lets start up front and go from there. Up first we have the big 3 upgrade- Shout out to corona_jeff on hooking me up with this XS D3400 to put under the hood- With all of that done, Let's run some leads to where the back seats were- Now, I had a double din Pioneer in here but i decided to take it out so I had a place for some meters, went with the Kenwood 352U- Meter Time! (This pic is with just the accessory on thats why they are low and the 3rd one is for the amp I didn't have at the time)- Here's the box I built, 3 cubes, tuned @ 28hz, 4" aero port- Lets put those VXI65 Components in the doors quick- Not really an amp rack because it was supposed to raise the box up for an extra batt.. but I didn't end up doing that, and the amp CJ18 hooked me up with. And finally, here it is all mounted together and installed in the truck- She sounds good and I like the way it turned out. I will edit this later when I get a better video of it than just off my phone so you all can see it in action. I am only running this amp at 4 ohms at the time, so i know i am really underpowering these subs. Any feedback is welcome and thanks for taking a look. -Owen Heres a little vid i did today after work. only 2 of the subs are somewhat broke in so I'm hoping it will get a little lower. and like I said above, only running about 750w to them.. gonna be wiring to 1 ohm soon.
  20. (Disclaimer) Real progress on the build starts on page 4 for those that do not want to sift through a couple pages of old stuff that is no longer there. So I finally found my memory card from my old phone so now I have many pics to put up on here. First I would like to start off with the pics of my old amp, sadly it fried, I replaced the resistor that fried on the board, but shortly after powering on 2 others fried elsewhere on the board. This is my first ever build, and was slowly put together over a about 2 years. I was a fool at first and bought my HU and all my speakers except my sub stage from crutchfield for $300. When I could have bought Prime 6.5's and punch 6x9's from sonic electronix for only $150 total. The sub + the box came together from a friend of my dads along with the MTX amp which is now perished. I am currently using a friends amplifier that only puts out about 70-100 watts on the subs and 25-80 watts on the rear 6x9's. Here is the Board This is it with it in And this is the fried resistor When I had my old box, it was carpeted, along with the stock carpet lineing in the bed of the back of my hatch, so if I turned anywhere near hard it would always move, so one day I took scrap wood from my garage and took dimensions of the back. Cut out some wood to put on the floor. It took me a while only because I had to use a damn hand saw, seeing as all the power tools in my garage where broken, but sure enough I got it to finally work. This is what I was working with and the finished product
  21. Hi all, I just decided to finally post up a build log.Ill start off with my old build. It was: Orion 800.1 (400 rms) Rockford Fosgate p2 15 and a POS dual HU (only thing i had money for at the time) all in a 2000 Chevy Malibu. I'll post pics next.
  22. So I am starting on my 2nd build of the Challenger, The first build was a pretty good success.. but not near as loud as I would have liked; http://www.stevemead...ics-glx-14001d/. The equipment i'm planning on using is: 4 XFL-10's 1 VFL 450.1 2 DC Lv4 12's 2 Skar 1500.1 1 MB-Quart FX4.50 2 sets of MB-Quart ONX169's 20' Knu 1/0 OFC 40' Knu Kord Kable 10ga 20' Knu 8ga 2 1 XS Power D975 JVC KW AV60 Have lots of stuff due to be here next week.. and ordering a lot more next week as well. I've already gotten the box MOSTLY built, and component speakers in.. lets take a look. I didn't go as indepth this time.. because for a box this simple I didn't think it was really needed. In time will be wrapped in Faux Gator & Faux black leather. 3.2 CF @ 34Hz Yes.. I touched up those awful splits :/
  23. I am new to this forum so sorry if i am in the wrong forum area for this type of quesion. I am thinking about running one of these DC level 4 12's in a small hatchback car with the skar 1400.1 and a skar 85.4 for the mids and highs. I am running a pioneer avic 940 bt and the alpine type r components in the front doors and the type r coaxle speakers in the rear dash also running a kinetik hc 1200 and a factory battery and all 1 and 4 gauge wiring. So any opinions are greatly appreciated but please im not one to bash a certain brand so please dont. Everyone has an opinion just certain ones should only be expressed in the right situation.
  24. Hoping to install a skar vvx 15 in my new explorer in the next month or so. Going to do a vvx d2 15, just not sure what amp. Will a 800 give this sub enough, or should i go with the skar 1200? All will be tuned on sq setting with dd-1 to insure nothing is getting hurt. I just dont want to get the 800.1 and have the vvx laugh at it. So i figured someone on the forum could chime in.
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