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  1. far as im aware this amp is unreleased yet thats why there is a lack of info @Andrew Showers could correct me if im wrong
  2. holy crap. lol @meade916 you should throw this amp in your escalade dear god shes a beast. ive been playing with one in a build. our numbers were not quite as impressive. shows the importance of strong voltage ! awesome vid dude
  3. lol did i see right did that show 17,000+ when you were playing music?
  4. forum clutter by me asking what voltage the batteries are? lol
  5. what voltage are the batteries in terrcell? 14 or 16 volt? keep in mine the raven is not an 18 volt amp
  6. lol whatd you think when you saw the guts? when i got mine they looked cartoon funny big
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