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  1. I run a single 10" Sundown X and wow! I use to have a T1 and the X doubled the bass output, most people I let hear it are amazed that it is a single 10". Sundown all the way. Other awesome subs are Fi audio and Ascendant audio and here is one most here don't run but is a beast the MTX 9500 this sub has a massive 4" coil and can take a pounding!
  2. Cmon #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yes really the Pioneer 9601. It is a bad amp. I know many people who have ran it and so have I, it pushes a real 1200-1250 rms or 800 at 2 ohm for you.
  4. Awesome. I am crossing my fingers, wuld live these subs!!! Please vote for my shirts guys.
  5. Thank you. I can change colors or mix n match or any changes if needed n wanted.
  6. Hope you like them, took some thought and time. I would love some DC audio products! I have file in any format needed and ready for print. They are all 1 or 2 color process currently in vector format. Thank you for your consideration.
  7. Sorry I have a life beyond car audio and need help with wiring and other things too. I am sure you play with your toys and self all day but ya...I have a life beyond speakers.
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