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  1. mathewyocham

    extra battery or HO alternator?

    The batts dont have to be same brand. Its common practice to make sure they are both agm but ive had a small kinetik agm for years in a few vehicles inline with the stock batt with no issues. The few tenths of a volt youd loose from the agm draining into the stock batt will never b noticed unless competing. Ive heard it can shorten the agms life but mines runnin on five years strong. Also no isolater is needed unless playing loudly for long periods with the car off. Wich shouldnt b done anyways. Just get another small agm from a reputable company if u choose to go that route.
  2. My question was y not go with something simple that will actually work? Its your time and money. Waste it however u want. U came in asking for advice but if its not the advice you wanted to hear u ignore it. Everytime u post with these questions u get the same answer. Either 2 10s ported or 3 sealed unless u go shallow mount wich wont give u the sound u want. Ive posted helpful info in your other threads. Without lifting the seat you wont fit much but u refuse to do that too. But keep ignoring the same advice and spinning your wheels on ideas that wont work. My post wasnt meant to b as an asshole but aparrently thats how u took it.
  3. I personally have not but have heard several people even a few on here recommend them. Im not a fan of shallow mounts personally. If it was my build id done similar to rons but with diff gear. To each his own.
  4. Jl is overrated imo. Way better out there for the money. Do a nice pair of 10s. Or some sd sundowns if you really cant fit anything but a shallow mount. How many threads you gonna make procrastinating this build? Pull the trigger on something simpler! Stop making it complicated on yourself.
  5. mathewyocham

    Cerwin Vega?

    Booty pics?
  6. You obviously didnt fully read my post or understand when i told you your current alt is failing under load. Its wats causing your issue. Not the fact that it cant keep up with the current draw. Plenty of people run more power than you on small stock alts and dont have these issues. But i forgot. Your 16 so you know it all. Even tho you made a post saying please help.
  7. You need a new alt. If you have a salvage yard near u go get a new one. Or order a refurbished oem one on ebay. Should b around 35 bucks or so id think. I use the12volt.com for wiring info. They have a wiring diagram section that will help u make sure your wired correctly.
  8. But their test usually wont b under a load. Especially not around 100 amps wich is wat ud b pulling. Start your car. Use a dmm to test voltage at the alternator studs so u see wat it normally runs. Anything under 13.8 or so is bad. If thats good turn your stereo up and measure again.
  9. Good luck. If u think 150 for a batt is expensive dont look at alt prices. If your alt isnt charging your batt replacing it with a stock replacement is your cheapest solution. Im betting your alt is failing under load. Even with the 500 to 600 watts your seeing of actual constant draw it shouldnt be killing your batt like that. I run 2 amps with around 1200 watts rms at full output and probly around 800 realistically and i jam on it for long periods and have never had any of the issues youve had. Replace your alt and i bet all your problems stop.
  10. mathewyocham

    extra battery or HO alternator?

    Snafu is a very knowledgable guy. I have no doubt the caps he recommended would help in some small way. But imo a reserve batt is way better than any cap of that style. With that voltage a nice size reserve batt would help more. But id be more concerned with the headunit shutting down. Have u tried using a different hu in there? Maybe the factory amp has a safety feature causing it to shut off due to the voltage drop your experiencing?
  11. In a proper box that kicker will poop on that jl all day. Pics of equipment? Nice car too btw
  12. Do not buy ebay alts!!! Twisted should be slapped for even suggesting them. They are unreliable and do not put out good amperage. You dont need a ho alt. Honestly it sounds like your stock batt is shitting the bed. Anytime you add a big drain on your cars electrical it will show out the weak points quick.also idk who has been helping you pik gear but those ddxs will take 1k rms each. You shoulda got the rp2k. Youll need another one of those 1200s and run one to each woofer to get them powered properly.
  13. If it still works just use a plastic blade to knock off any loose or bubbled areas and keep rockin it. If it bugs u enough replace it.
  14. Ok. My bad. U obviously know wat to do. Ill leave u to it.
  15. Really wouldnt matter. Most stock alts are around 100 amps or so. People run 2k rms all the time on stock alts. Judging by his amps he likes to save money so i doubt hes willing to drop 500 or so on an alt.