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  1. those amps are garbage. You shouldnt have cheaped out. Now you must pay the price of going cheap. If its still under warranty then get it replaced. Otherwise spend more on better quality.
  2. Got some time today so got both of these installed. Time to order new components.
  3. I got bored with those movies after tokyo drift.
  4. U suck. I cant watch it till tomorrow. We use amc app now so i gotta wait till the next day.
  5. Stop posting pics of your girl bola. Noone wants to see that.
  6. Ask how long it will take for the adhesive to cure. Once its fully cured your good.
  7. Fuck that. I pop out to the truck or a private room 4 that.
  8. I agree with that but a cop doesnt have the right to search just cuz he suspects something. He needs a warrant. Its an illegal invasion of privacy. But this isnt a political thread so on with the rpp!!!
  9. Just because individuals exercise their rights doesnt mean they think the law doesnt apply. Police have laws too that they must follow. Most police are more trained with a gun than they are on the law. Police violate people daily and its become expected.
  10. Nice. And u know its worth alot because of all the gold.
  11. To make his hotrod faster so the traffic cams cant see his plates. Duh.
  12. First day at my new job. I spent the morning sanding this to do some bondo work and repaint.
  13. Im down to see some testing also.
  14. Pretty sure thats a midget.
  15. You should open Ahmed's Daycare.