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  1. As walled said and u guessed more than likely an rca came loose somewhere and shorted causes the pico fuse in your headunit to pop. You can test the amps individually using a headphone jack to rca adapter. They have them most places that sell electronics. Just use your phone to play some music. That will eliminate the amps as the issue. Dont 4get to check the cockbox too for any shorts.
  2. Efficiency means absolutely dick when the set is only gettn 15 to 20 watts rms if that. Most upper tier components have an rms over 75 watts. Factory amps usually have a preset eq depending on the channel wich usually wont match up with wat the speakers need and will cause distortion at moderate levels or lower sometimes. The only real way to get full clean sound is to amp them. Otherwise u might as well buy cheap shit. Distortion will most likely kill anything u put in within a year or so.
  3. Watever components you get my suggestion is get a 4 channel to power them. Stock amps or headunits, even aftermarket, rarely have the power to properly drive nicer components. I ran my jbls on the factory amp in my durango for awhile. They sounded ok. Once i put them on amp power tho it really was a huge difference.
  4. She was just doin the new tailpipe exhaust chug challenge.
  5. I have the same crimper markous but im pretty sure mine is the 6 ton version. Picked it up on sale one year for 28 bucks free shipping on ebay. Ive used it on at least 100 crimps judging by the number of terminals ive used between my 3 cars and a few friends rides, a buddies boat and some i wasted dialing in wich die i needed and testing holding strength. To remove the little wings i just rotate the die a lil and crimp them flat. Crimping with hydraulic crimpers is the most solid connection ive ever gotten. Ive never had a single lug come loose even after years of use. Crimpers are holding up great too.
  6. mathewyocham

    twisted sounds

    With the police handing out plea deals to snitches and overcrowding in prisons causing them to release pretty much any1 on parole id say he will do 5 to 10 years. 25 to life on parole.
  7. Y isnt lifting an option? It doesnt eliminate any seating. Just reduces headroom a lil. If that enclosure fits use it. The three 10s sealed will sound great on 2k. Ron i think did 3 sa 10s under his rear seat.
  8. mathewyocham

    twisted sounds

    Quality equipment means nothing without a company to back it if it fails. Ig in your case it would b a buyer beware kinda thing gettn them used. But 1k for those is too much imo. Like 750 would b a good deal. Those boards are labeled underrated intentionaly as a marketing gimic imo.
  9. mathewyocham

    twisted sounds

    Then y even ask?
  10. mathewyocham

    twisted sounds

    Seeing as you could get 2 new skar rp4500s or 2 refurbed sundown scv 3ks for that price with a warranty id say no.
  11. Never said twisted amps werent good. I think they were intentionally labeled far under their real power as some kind of sales gimic but they for sure are good products. My concern would be warranty related or cs related purely.
  12. Pretty sure skars sk line is korean while the rp and lp lines are chinese. I have the lp line and even for being chinese they are proven to do rated power and are well made. All the companies u listed have good products but id steer clear of twisted sounds. From wat ive seen the owner has gotten into legal troubles so the company may not be around much longer. If you get one without a fan you can always add an external one as others have suggested if you notice it getting hot.
  13. 95 felt like 102 in kansas.
  14. I personally dont participate in any social media groups unless u count smd.
  15. Its a fuckn shame the majority of the country is a bunch of cry babies. I was enjoying the new episodes.