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  1. I always order thru ebay even if the item is sold by sonic or another company. Easy to file a claim and ebay deals with the other company.
  2. With 2 type r 15s on 1200 watts i doubt it.
  3. Need some sub advice before making a local trade

    I fit 4 12s behind the rear seats in my same bodystyle blazer. Even had room for amps and a batt.
  4. Been looking at that kilmat on ebay. Probly gonna pull the trigger on some 80 mil in a month or so. Wat do you think of it? Does it adhere good? Hopefully it stays on good during the summer. That was my biggest concern with it.
  5. You could try sub up port back as joe suggested. Possibly lift the box a tad and place amps underneath?
  6. I have this set. Works great. Used it on sizes from 8 to 0 gauge no problem. Had it a few years and used it alot. Still workn with no problem. Just used it today to redo some grounds on a buddies truck.
  7. Need a new DSP on the market

    Holy fuck im dead. Lol
  8. Fuck the numbers man. Just build it how u want it. Make it look nice and tune it right. People get too hyped up over numbers imo. If your not competing build it for you. Im bettin youll be satisfied with wat u got.
  9. Lookin good. Keep it up. Cant wait to see it all in and playing on both builds.
  10. In my experience if the woofer is under 200 dollars new just buy a new 1. Most recones ive had priced by psi are between 150 to 200. Thats if i do it myself. Only done 2 recones. One turned out fine except for my sloppy glue job. The other had minor coil rub and only lasted a few months.
  11. electrical upgrades

    Knukonceptz also has good wire for a decent price. For batts look into kinetik or xs power. Im running a single run of 4 gauge knu ofc with stock batt and a kinetik hc600 in back with big 3 in knu 4 gauge ofc on a stock 136 amp alt. Only got around 1100 rms atm and lights dim a tad but they will unless u get hids. Big 3 will always help even on a stock vehicle. If u plan on blasting on it for extended periods id deffinately do the big 3 with an upgraded stock batt and a small reserve batt. Otherwise youll most likely see dimming from low voltage.
  12. Pioneer avh-x1700s quiet subwoofer output

    If the head unit is the problem thats the easiest way to tell.
  13. Pioneer avh-x1700s quiet subwoofer output

    Do u have a different head unit to switch it with to see if thats the issue?
  14. Strapping amp ?

    Wouldnt the amp b less efficient at .6 tho causing it to pull more current to make the same power? Not to mention the strain .6 puts on the amp. I would think it would be better for equipment and electrical to run 2 amps. Or just buy an amp that does what u want at 1 ohm. Imo i dont like wiring under 1 ohm.
  15. No noise 10

    U check the wires your using to connect it? Could be an issue there.