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  1. their toys alright. Someones been in moms toybox. Or possibly dads.....
  2. It would be legal in kansas as long as they had on seatbelts and some kind of glasses or goggles. There are a few vehicles here that drive around in the summertime like this. Mainly jeeps.
  3. Run 2 amps or 1 5-channel?

    100 bucks used on that kicker sounds about right. You can pick up a new one for like 160-170 on ebay. Kicker amps are decent. But if its been abused in any way i wouldnt trust it.
  4. Fuckn christ. Id be pissed.
  5. I suppose i did. But i like it because it holds solid and no wire or anything shows outside the connector opening. I like when my wires just disappear into my amp all neat like.
  6. Those old school strips are garbage too. I had several loosen over time and cause issues. Ones similar to anl fuse blocks would be awesome. The skar amps i have now have the set screw style so i used hydraulic crimpers to crimp a ring terminal on the wire then cut the loop off leaving just the solid back and drilled a small hole for the set screw to set in. Works good.
  7. Its an old slim jim commercial iirc. Shits hilarious.
  8. I miss that comercial.
  9. She got ass. Dam. Id been checkn that out too.
  10. Wacky tobacky. Kick back and let it do what it do.

    1. WalledSonic
    2. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      did it do what it do, lol

  11. It left out the ending. Where he goes on a killing spree like oj and only does 7 years because of extreme emotional distress. Lol.
  12. Boss AR4000D Amp Dyno Test. 4kW for $100? Not quite

    I bought a boss 4 channel and mono amp years ago as temps and neither lasted more than a month before they went into protect permanently. garbage imo.
  13. Boss AR4000D Amp Dyno Test. 4kW for $100? Not quite

    I doubt it. Boss amps dont last long.