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  1. Is 4gauge good enough to run 2 amps

    Id say you should be good. You could do 0 gauge but it isnt needed.
  2. Is 4gauge good enough to run 2 amps

    Depending on the fuse ratings of the 2 combined amps you could use 4 gauge. I use ofc 4 gauge for 2 amps. The combined fuses of both amps are only 130 amps at most. Im sure i only pull around 90 to 100.
  3. Its halloween time. Go get a furry mask from walmart.
  4. WTB: 3.5K(ish) Amplifier, preferably Korean

  5. Youll most likely only have room for 2 10s or 12s. skar audio has some good priced woofers and amps on ebay.
  6. The best way to get loud in a sedan is either wall it or put your box in the trunk firing forward into the front of the vehicle and seal it off from the trunk at the back seats. It helps if your seats lay down.
  7. Planet Audio pl4000.1d

    Pretty sure he just dynoed one not long ago. Didnt do to well.
  8. Ditch the back seats and put in a wall of 6.5's. It will be loud.
  9. Max Wattage for 2 Rockford Fosgate P3D4's

    If you want them to last a long time and arent competing at all id say 1200 to 1500 clean rms. In my experience rockford subs dont last if they are given more than the recommended wattage. Have you looked at the prime line of amps by rockford? Budget friendly with loads of power.
  10. So you vandalizing her mirror and running away fixed the situation how?
  11. Its not that bad. U get free food and tv. Plus then all your money troubles would be gone. Lmao.
  12. Sound System help

    i would also like to know how u "fixed" it all? Sounds like major electrical issues if its fuckn with your navi. Or possibly wired wrong.
  13. Opinions wanted asap please.

    You could try the skar audio vd 10s. 130 bucks a pair on ebay. If your limited on space go sealed. A proper sealed enclosure will sound better than an undersized ported.
  14. If your lookn for a new amp you should look at the skar audio rp2000.1. I have two skar amps and love them both.