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  1. I havent been on much either. I been playn fallout 4 lately.
  2. Naw too poor for that. Im on ps4.
  3. We have decided on private school for my daughter because of this.
  4. You need to be gettn on gta lol
  5. Get lots of glass cleaner to so u can make sure any panels the ss will go on are clean and free of dirt or other grime.
  6. Time for a new paint job.
  7. Not everyones is red. It depends on your theme.
  8. Having an isolater is only really needed if your playing for long periods with the car off. Idk of any negatives other than one more connection in your power wire so a possible fail point. I also dont suggest running your system for long with your car off as you could damage equipment.
  9. Needs some tint on them windows. Rims look good tho.
  10. Ive had the same kinetik batt as you wired to my front lead acid for 3+ years with no isolater and havent had a single issue. Interstate must have been on its way out.
  11. Have u looked at skar audios vd subs?
  12. This is the one i have. Works great on 8 to 0 gauge. Should work fine for 2/0 gauge too.
  13. A hydraulic crimper is all you need. No soder required if crimped properly.