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  1. Id say its time to eliminate the carpet and go to snap together fake wood.
  2. mathewyocham

    Amp suggestions

    Wat kind of electrical do you have? Have you looked at skars rp line?
  3. If your gonna run high power you gotta have a high power supply. With a mids highs amp your probly lookn at 4k total. Your gonna need a ho alt with at least 2 big reserve batts. Have u looked at the rp3500 from skar? Would save u some money towards the alt.
  4. mathewyocham

    if you had to pick one

    It was in response to coreys post as an example.
  5. mathewyocham

    if you had to pick one

    Well the skar rp2000.1 and the orion xtr 2500.1d are both proven tested boards. Both put out rated plus. And both are considerably less. The skar being 220 and the orion being 350. Compared to sundowns sae 2000.1 wich is around 480 or the scv 2k wich is around 580. Also sundown does do rated but just barely. By 100 watts or so. Where as both the other boards clear rated by over a few hundred.
  6. mathewyocham

    if you had to pick one

    If its a choice like that id do the trade. Sundown is proven and reliable but i just feel for the price of a new or refurbed sundown theres better out there.
  7. mathewyocham

    if you had to pick one

    Neither. To me sundown is just too overpriced and never been an mmats fan.
  8. U got that runner lookn top notch man. Lovn it.
  9. mathewyocham

    Frying an hcca12

    Hammer crimping isnt the best and can slowly work loose over time. Hydraulic crimping is the easiest of the best ways. The other is sodering but its a pita with lugs. U can get cheap hydraulic crimpers on ebay or amazon for around 30 bucks. The yellow ones. I have a pair and they work great and ive used them a bit over the few years ive had them.
  10. mathewyocham

    Frying an hcca12

    Also change out that 16 gauge wire before it melts and shorts out. At least id use 10 gauge ofc on that power or 8 gauge cca.
  11. mathewyocham

    Frying an hcca12

    Alot of decks only have 2v outs. Most decks ive used put out the 2v at 0 and increase sum as u turn up the sub lvl. Have u checked to see wat yours is outputting at 0? And 15? Maybe there is an issue with your deck or with your deck setting such as crossovers.
  12. mathewyocham

    Frying an hcca12

    Wat voltage out is your alpine? Use a dmm to measure voltage out at 0 then at +15. Ive never ran an alpine reciever so maybe this is a particular thing for them.
  13. mathewyocham

    Frying an hcca12

    Also bret are u talking bout those rockford 10s u have in a cheap prefab box? The reason you have to do that is because of your box. Build a properly specd ported box and your output will increase alot.
  14. mathewyocham

    Frying an hcca12

    Wen u raise it like that it introduces distortion. With an oscope you can see this. Distortion will kill your sub or speakers.
  15. mathewyocham

    Frying an hcca12

    The gain on your amp isnt a volume knob. Its there so you can match the input signal coming from the headunit. Your sending shit tons of distortion to your sub and will kill it eventually. You need a dd1 or oscope to properly set your gain on the amp. Your headunit sub out should be 0. As well as any bass boost.