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  1. Wasnt it some body shaming thing that involved shreks body and photoshop?
  2. Since you can only run those at 2 ohms id say get a skar audio rp 2k. Good quality and does over rated. Budget price imo.
  3. Your good man. Wire strait from the amp to the speaker. Rcas go from headunit to amp. Thats where your sound input signal comes from. Only use for the harness now is to power the headunit. Make sure you tape off or use heat shrink to seal off the old speaker wires to avoid any shorts.
  4. Voice coil is toast. You would have to recone it but its roughly same price to get a new one since skar doesnt offer vvx recones as far as i know. You may contact skar directly and see wat they can do for you.
  5. Ik its not the best but we bought a nightowl system from walmart. Its not wireless but you can buy wire extensions. Base system came with 4 cameras with night vision. 1 tb hd. And can b monitored from any computer, tablet, or smartphone after setup. Has motion activated alerts to phone that are instant and worked good even over 300 miles away when we went on vaca. For around 300 bucks it was a good buy imo. Setup for motion alerts took a min to dial in sensitivity but not too bad. Picture is pretty good. You could definately get a face shot on anyone within 20 ft. Says 1080 resolution and looks good on my tv and my phone.
  6. If you like the skar you could just upgrade to the evl 12. Ik it says 1250 rms but with impedence rise and all that youll be perfect on a 1500 rms amp. Or an american bass xfl 12 would work.
  7. Neither. Crescendos cs is shit and they seem to be hit or miss. Twisted sounds is out of buisness so no hope of any warranty or extra info except 4 wats available. If u already have the crescendo just keep it.
  8. No offense lightning ik u know ur shit bro but kicker is trash for people trying to get loud or who want reliable equipment while being loud. Ive had personal experience with alot of kicker products and the only ones worth buying were the old cvr series subs. The old ones with white cones. Even those didnt last. Shitty leads killed those half the time. Id also recommend skar. Have had skar amps for some years now ran daily and have never had an issue with them. American bass products are great too. You cant go wrong with dc but for the price there are better woofers for sure. Imo skar and ab are the top 2 big bass budget brands.
  9. I doubt steve would make you one but there are a few box builders on here. Maybe you can get one of them to build you one but it will probly be pricey.
  10. The skar rp2000.1 he posted is a great choice. Or maybe an american bass ph4000.1. Only 2ks i really know of in that price range.
  11. The skar lp is a solid choice. Ive had one in my truck for a few years now with no issues. The pioneer that was suggested is nice as well. Have u looked into american bass phantom line? The ph2500 is perfect for wat u need. Or the skar rp 1200 or 1500. Lots of solid amps on that budget.
  12. Ofc to cca wouldnt cause that much of a drop.
  13. Ya definately check ground locations and all connections to look for anything loose. If those are fine id have the batts load tested. If that checks out maybe alt failure under load?
  14. I doubt your problem is the amp or how its wired. With impedence rise on music i doubt youll rarely receive under 1 ohm and definately not below .7 at the amp wich that rockford will handle. Your problem is electrical. Thats a beefy amp. You need at least a solid agm up front and one small reserve in bak. 0 gauge throughout with big 3 upgrade to alt and grounds and solid ground locations. If you have all that already check your wiring. Maybe something came loose. Check your grounds to make sure they are in a good location. Not on interior metal panels. On the frame or main piece of the car. Sanded down to bare metal and coated to prevent rust. Also check any batts u do have. Maybe 1 is shitting the bed under load. Most automotive places will have a load tester.
  15. The deck amp will usually distort before the rca output. They are seperate sources. Need to get those mids and hi's on a seperate amp. Deck power is garbage anyway. Only around 20 watts on most decks. A small decent brand 4 channel will really bring those doors to life. Also make sure you use your crossovers. Most components or coaxils dont play low. I usually cut mine off around 50hz.
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