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  1. MA subs

    Did u try google?
  2. SKAR vs Sundown

    You shouldnt bash a product because you have a personal beef with the owner.
  3. General electrical help.

    Clip lights on most amp knobs are unreliable. They can show clipping where there is none and no clipping when it occurs. Dd1 or oscope is only way to tell 4 sure.
  4. Have u looked at the rockford 1200.1 prime? Nice amp. Does over rated. Pretty efficient. And can be had for around 200 on ebay. Nvm. Looks like they went up for some reason. 300 now.
  5. all of a sudden cooked?

    Probly shorted your amp rca inputs when it went. Shitty.
  6. You can get better for your money. Look at skar, soundqubed, sundown, and rockford fosgate.
  7. scv4000 or 2 bc2000's

    Lol. Naw its not based solely off of him. I agree they are good boards. But if i pay that much the warranty better be worth somthing. What happens if it arrives doa? Akuma had the same luck alot of crescendo customers had.
  8. scv4000 or 2 bc2000's

    Watever u do if u get a new amp steer away from crescendo imo. If it shits the bed youll most likely get fucked on the warranty. You can grab a skar sk4.5k on ebay right now refurbished for 600.
  9. you could get some nice gear for that amount. Just dont forget about your electrical.
  10. Alot of people dog on pioneers new amps but they have been proven to do their rated power. However durability in high stress situations seems to be an issue with some of their amps. For a lil more you could get a rockford fosgate prime 4 channel or even a used punch 4 channel. End of the day its your decision. If your buddy likes that interfire amp sell it to him. Use the money to help aquire better equipment.
  11. fuck that. I love kfc.
  12. OPZS batteries?

    For that price just go xspower. Kinetik is about half that.
  13. Advice on which of my 2 amps to use for my Subs

    I would use the rockford. Chances are its more efficient and cleaner sounding than the orion.