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  1. Its normal. As the car warms up from driving the heat causes things to charge at a lower lvl. Basics of electronics. Heat decreases efficiency in electrical components. Could also be the batt getting weak if it wasnt doing it b4. How old is it? Get it tested at an autoparts store like oreillys or autozone. Was it doing it b4 you did the big 3?
  2. 10 gauge ofc is overkill imo. Some solid ofc 12 gauge should be fine and alot easier to run into the doors.
  3. Thats crazy both were defective. At least skar promptly made it right. You could look at ct sounds tropos. Or some american bass tnt 10s. Also the new audio legion brand had some decent lookin stuff in their lineup.
  4. I think what cstroker ment was by buying or subscribing it helps steve directly. If you dont want merch or gear and you dont want to subscribe to the forum you might try donating on steves patreon. Look in the description of his vids on youtube. I think you can find a link there.
  5. Dont see y you couldnt. Really the only choice. Ive had to glue the spider back down on woofers before. Thats how i did it.
  6. Skar audio rp1500 or pioneer 1200.1. Rockford Fosgate has a few amps that would work too. The Skar is the cheapest but is a real 1500 rms amp. Skar is good quality. Ive had a few of their amps for years. You may also look into replacing your wiring. It may not be big enough to run a real 1500rms amp. Also check your woofers. 15 years is a long time on woofers too. Check for any cracking in the surrounds and check the strength of the spiders. Also check them with a dmm to make sure the coils are still solid.
  7. How do u know youll gain anything? Imo no they arent worth it unless number chasing. The voltage increase youd see is nill. Think about it. When was the last time you seen an amp with copper terminals?
  8. There r several people running lithium with agm in stock location. Most lith banks ive seen rest more similar to an agm than a lead acid. Most might be a few tenths off. The lith bank also has a built in voltage stabilizer that should pretty much eliminate any neg effects from the tenth or 2 of difference. Regardless how he procedes he wont fix anything until he figures out how to bypass or disable the cars system that is causing the issue. There may b no way to bypass or disable it. Idk. Im too poor to own a mercedes. Lol.
  9. You can mix agm and lithium as well as reg lead acid. The only issue that could occur is parasitic drain from the higher resting voltage batt to the lower voltage batt. Over time this could cause your batts to prematurely fail. I ran a kinetik agm in the rear with my old lead acid up front for years with no issues. The kinetik is over 6 years old and still kickn. Isolators are for playing with the car off or for boats. It may be something in the cars computer system sending an error code due to the extra pull your charging system is seeing. Newer cars get bitchy sometimes when you add extra dr
  10. I think it has more to do with how the amp works and how its wired internally.
  11. I c wat u mean. I did not notice that. But just from looking that would be my understanding is that that is a shared connector. Positive from one speaker and negative from the other.
  12. Looks like a standard 4 channel. 2 speakers up front. 2 in back. Power ground remote. Is there something im not seeing?
  13. I just dont see how he got 4/0 size when it was suppose to be 2/0. Ive ordered sky high 4 and 0 gauge and even being oversized i only had to trim a tiny bit to make them fit the generic terminals i bought. Maybe it was a shipping mistake idk. Sky high isnt the only brand doing it. Knukonceptz is kickass wire and theirs is thicker than sky high. Ig i just dont see the point in bashing a single brand for doing something that is widely known and practiced by most upper tier brands. Imo an oversight that cost him but no one to b mad at but himself for not doin his research. End of the day i almost
  14. Who bitches about gettn more for your money or a quality, tested, and proven product? Jesus. The things some people bitch about. Lmfao.
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