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  1. Awesome sauce as always man. Keep it up!
  2. Boss PD5000 Amp Dyno

    Im surprised that hunk of garbage put out that much at 1 ohm honestly.
  3. twisted sounds

    Holy shit this thread is over a year old!
  4. Oooppss. My bad. Didnt realize till u said somthing i meant hi lvl inputs using the existing stock speaker wiring.
  5. U could look up a diagram of the factory stereo harness online and replace the factory amp with a mini amp using the low lvl inputs. Alpine kenwood and pioneer all make mini amps.
  6. Or the russian robot chick.
  7. It would have to be super skinny big titted coked out pam but im in.
  8. Sealed enclosure leaking help ! Dual 12 2000 rms

    Mix sawdust with the glue. It will make it stronger. Needs to be a thick paste when ur done.
  9. Sealed enclosure leaking help ! Dual 12 2000 rms

    Make sure to put pilot holes so u avoid any cracking or chipping of the mdf.
  10. Looks like some shit the bs electricians around here do. When i bought my house the old man we got it from told me it had just been rewired and updated electrical. They put new shit in but half of my house was wired to 1 20 amp breaker. I ended up fixn myself because the retards who fucked it up refused to claim resposibility for it.
  11. Ahmed your ass aint been on in months. Lol.
  12. I need a new amp ( suggestions )

    Actually the rp1500.1 was wat i was thinkn. That amp will probly put out close to 1000 rms dynamiccally. Gains r not volume. U must use an oscope or dd1 to set gains properly. Others on here could help with a box for that sub/amp combo. Just be careful as any clipping while overpowering will fry the woofer.
  13. I need a new amp ( suggestions )

    Try looking at skar audios rp line of amps. Pioneer has a good 1200 watt amp too that should give wat u need at 2 ohms.
  14. Another amp question.

    pioneer has a 1200 watt monoblock also that steve dynoed that did rated power. U can get them for like 170 new. Also i have a skar lp1000.1 and the matching lp60.4. Both are great amps. Had them about a year now with no issues and sound great.
  15. Tried to gta that shit. Fuck gps im takn my exotic through the mountains!