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  1. Dodge really made those, its a ramcharger that was sold in Mexico only. Id rock one all day. Theres some cool shit that was sold in Mexico, The had a dodge stratus with the srt4 neon motor In it too.
  2. Dear lord, that thing is gonna be a beast. How many watts per channel is it going to be?
  3. I love that wild turkey american honey, like hands down my favorite whiskey, so smooth its scary.
  4. Some stock pile insane amounts others keep very little on hand. I have a thousand or so of each caliber I have a need for, i dont see a need for more than that since I dont shoot a lot. And then i have probably 5000rds of 22lr. I keep more 22lr because if shit did ever hit the fan you could carry a lot of it easily. 5000 rds of 22lr is about 37lbs, 5000rds of 9mm is 130lbs, 5000rds of .45 is 250lbs. Makes a big difference if you gotta grab a bag and go. Shortages happen when people think they need to panic and buy every fucking thing they can, even shit they dont have a need for. Mostly when gun grabbers get in office.
  5. Grab a cheap one, you cant shoot better than a cheap one can any ways and it leaves you lots of money leftover to customize it to your liking, which you will do.
  6. Have you tried stuff like this? Theres a lot of gluten free or super low gluten stuff out there these days. https://www.stonebrewing.com/beer/year-round-releases/stone-delicious-ipa#ageGatePassed
  7. They make oversized cover plates for that exact reason. Contractors do dumb shit like that too, or cut the damn hole too big and then you gotta either fix it or hide it with an oversized plate.
  8. Well i mean they are rather large dimensions for shipping and it would weigh about 150lbs. Is there no plastic place locally?
  9. It goes on an old delivery truck with a international dt466 diesel engine in it. Had to special order the filter for my customer. Fucker holds 30 quarts of oil too.
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