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  1. just a few pics of my setup.....not trying to thread jack, but yes they move alot of air and yes if ur worried about them moving they are called high excursion because.......thats what they do
  2. thats a meen ass setup ive seen that exact sub in action and its a fucking beast
  3. hey uh dad.............. when am i getting a bad ass low rider pedal car
  4. favorite part about all that is this shit was literally made to just beat and we all love that thanks psyph and steve you guys did it again
  5. if i can find my sundown dealers number ill shoot u a pm but i recently messed up one of my zv4s and they couldnt have handled it better if u call them ask for brian hes the best guy in my opinion
  6. sheet metal is where u put deadner and if u have trim rattles find some small black screws and dont be scared to put holes in ur shit most of the time a deadner wont help trim rattle
  7. not below box tune but below the tune u have ur amp set at
  8. What? Please explain how that works. tune your amp for what u like to play so if u like low notes tune ur amp a little lower but still, keep in mind the specs on ur subs
  9. i am getting a mechman alternator and was wondering what voltage the alt should be set at
  10. I have an xs power d3100 and was wondering what voltage is the best to charge it at
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