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    then Bass, rims, custom cars and all about shok industries ;-)
  1. Yeap that name tho , but I'm in love with pretty much anything with carbon fiber
  2. I.V

    WTB 7.5k Amp

    I'm on mobile now but I have some on my facebook if u want to add me , price is 1100 shipped
  3. I.V

    WTB 7.5k Amp

    I got a db drive 7.5k ;-)
  4. not exactly like that , gonna paint it flat black so not too expensive on the paint , same rims and airbags just so it can hold the weight from box and all the subs
  5. got a nice plan for mine ;-) as soon as i bought it ill start everything
  6. i need help changing the color of this kombi to flat black and taking off the vw logo and putting the punisher logo instead , i would appreciate the help , thank you . this is actually how mine is gonna look .
  7. nice let me take a look , thank you
  8. ok i've been asking myself about the differences between korean amplifiers and brazilian amplifiers on the next topics and i've been looking on other places but didn't see good answers on some of them . and if theres already a topic like this can anyone post a link , thank u . -board -crazy power for less? -quality -price
  9. always wanted one of those Always been my dream amp , barely paid for it yesterday
  10. ok sorry to the mod thats gonna see this , but damn this asshole , if i ask its because ive never own a kicker solo x but heres a lot of people that have or used to run them if you dont have anything good to say to my question get the fuck out of here .
  11. can anyone explain me about the solo x motors i know the 10'' is smaller and use 3''vc but what about the 12 and 18 ? for what i know they use the same 3.5''vc motor right?
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