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  1. used but in good condition 9/10 if i remember right pg only made 250 of them . $700 shipped + paypal fees
  2. hey tboorn any interest on selling those n3??? i can trade or buy hell i can even get some n2 motors for you ;-) , also nice build
  3. theres a guy selling one on phoenix gold classifieds i think that one is brand new cant remember how much he wants for it tho
  4. lol , thanks and yes octane is one of the badass here barely bought it about a week ago
  5. its been a long time since i last made a post here and what's better to come back and show my amp collection phoenix gold ''the one'' #35 us amps vlx400 phoenix gold ''octane'' limited edition ground zero gzpa 4000.1 hifonics xx-colossus RF T4000.1 (blown) db drive 7.5k (dirty..lol) 2 phoenix gold sd800.4
  6. Hard to find good amps rated at 2 ohms :-(
  7. Yeap that name tho , but I'm in love with pretty much anything with carbon fiber
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