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Nathan @ XSpower

Things To Know When Looking To Purcahse A Used Battery?

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This really makes no difference to me, but I hate seeing people throw away hard earned money on paperweights! I have seen a bunch of used battery postings on the forums over the past couple weeks and they really make no sense. Just in the past two weeks I have seen postings of people selling used batteries and when they show the voltage of the batteries they are in the 10V, 11V, and low 12V range.................. and no one asks a single question of why they are so low??? This should be the first warning sign to stay away. Educate yourself on your purchase before you waste your money!!!!!

Any time you store a sealed AGM battery below 12.6V you can cause damage to the battery. When the battery is stored below 12.6V you can get sulfation that builds up on the led plates in the battery, which in turn takes surface area away from the battery's ability to produce power. This sulfation can also cause the battery to short out internally. Another thing is that just because the battery shows 12.6V or higher doesn't prove the battery is in great shape. Heck the seller may not even know the battery is damaged, because the battery is not currently being used. A bad battery can look great as far as voltage goes when you charge it up, but as soon as you put a load on the battery it can fall on its face. Then you just payed how ever much on a used battery that can be used for a paperweight or you may be able to get $3-$6 out of recycling it.

Buying used batteries is a risk! I dont care if it is an XS Power battery or any other battery it is a risk. Can you find used batteries that are still in great shape? Yes of course you can, but if you see pictures of the voltage and it is crazy low.............. then my advice would be to stay clear or don't be upset when you get the battery and it is worthless. Saving that $30 on that used battery you just bought really just cost you a lot more than buying a new one.

Again its your money and you can do whatever with it, but it amazes me to see people buying useless batteries and wasting their money. You invested in your audio system with the Subs, Amps, and enclosure, so it really makes no sense to go the cheap route on the electrical and not get the return on your investment. Your amp and subs are useless if you dont have the proper power to give them.

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good voltage doesnt drop bellow 13,6V...(at full tilt)

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