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  1. Sold my Ground zero 12s like 2 months ago..and im ready ti pick up a new one..single 15 for now.What sub? Dont know yet

  2. Built an 4.2cuft box..glued the aero port w some super attack glue...fucked up kinda but cant get the tube from the aero separated on any chance unless I break the aero in half..soo wanted to get the port on the outside part of the box

    1. meade916


      that's why i don't glue those unless i KNOW the box isn't changing. Duct tape or even electrical tape works great till you know for sure.  You can buy CA Glue "Uncure", that might break that joint loose.  

    2. gally


      I might just break the aero and get a new one..

  3. jst got me some Toscano Antico and some Davidoff Grand Cru no.5 for nightshift today and tomorrow....man im soo gonna enjoy this ones..also love me some classic Cohibas..

  4. ok, so today after 2PM i went with my kfx450 for a ride in a nearby woods..as i know a trail pretty well a friend came with me riding..was riding behind him as suddenly he stops and turns back at full throttle..so i stopped and look, what was that..something big was there just standing..then i saw 2 Bear cubs..so i went with full throttle back where we came from..shit scared me like no thing before..a bear? fuck that..

    1. littlebuck1919


      good thing, never go near cubs, mama is nearby all the time

    2. aculous


      Ran into a black bear back east...scared the shit out of me. Mostly because I was dead tired and on foot backpacking. I always carry when I am backpacking now just in case.

  5. the Ground Zero 4K amp really do move the subs...also sounds lovely with some DJ JD music

  6. sooo...its been a long ass time since i was here..whats new?

    1. _paralyzed_


      Some people have become accepting of bola.

      It's unnerving.

    2. strangeduck


      its downright shameful

  7. so..i got me some new front tires for my quad today..takes the terrain like a champ..after a while i hear a buzzing noise like it was comming from the rear..found out one of my heel guard broke and it produces a buzzing noise while driving..so i removed both of em..ordered a IMS guards for difference

  8. is been a while since ive been here...made some changes here and there but most of al my quad is done as well as my health

  9. how much is a recone for a sundown x 15?

    1. audiofanaticz


      look in the sundown section they have a post for recone prices.

    2. gally
  10. heard some major ratling while playing the subs..turned more volume and the rattle bece louder..checked the subs..subs are fine..found out the box is shit..somewhere i fucked up with the box..need to make another0 one...

    1. gally


      Also thinking on going with bigger subs but i dont know if they will fit in the trunk..space is not an issue

    2. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Maybe try starting a thread with picture's and shit.......

  11. Got me 2 12s from a radioactive series,.played fine with the old dd m1b.,today i got me the ground zero plutonium 4k amp..wired the same as before to 1 ohm..the sound is brutal compated from before,.

    1. gally



      Also changed the HU to a alpine ute 72bt..not the best but performs really well for now..nox is tuned to 40hz

    2. BoomZoom808
    3. gally


      Not yetas i need to set a youtube account or something..

  12. ok., how does 2 radioactive 12s and a plutonium 1.4k hcx mix together?? as a better question

    1. MrSkippyJ


      what do you mean by mix?

    2. gally


      Got me 2 12s from a radioactive series,.played fine with the old dd m1b.,today i got me the ground zero plutonium 4k amp..wired the same as before to 1 ohm..the sound is brutal compated from before,.

  13. kind of a stupid question..but how does a radioactive and plutonium mix together??

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Soccerballzs


      In.a blender on high speed

    3. Ahmed Johnson
    4. MrSkippyJ


      holy shit, there are stupid questions.

  14. new gear.,box, amp maybe and someold ass alpine radio..oh yeah..subs are also in..

  15. where could i order some CF dust caps? or just bigger dust caps?? like 10 inch or so?

    1. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Genesis custom audio.

    2. SlamminBeats


      i have one, unused i would sell. i think its an 8" though.

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