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  1. 03' Nissan Xterra 270 amp Mechman (6) D1400's AQ3500d (4) DC LVL 4's 4th order wall This weekend posted a 152.8db on a burp...not 100% happy with it, but on the power thats not to bad! On a 30sec avg - 150.1db - Playing Psyph Morrision of course! Now time to play around with the setup and see if we can make it louder...need power!!!
  2. You can have Maaco do a shity job or a nice job just remember go get what you pay for. If you are going with the cheaper paint job make sure you do all the prep work yourself. Meaning, taking anything off the car you dont want sprayed over. Headlights, emblems, plastics, etc. Scuff the whole painted surfaces with a grey scotch bright pad until it is all a dull look. Clean any tar, bugs off the painted surface. And as far as the dings go, it wouldn't be that hard to take care of them in your prep work. Take care of them now be sued you will regret not doing it later down the road.
  3. Man i cant wait to get back from vacation and open my crescendo box. And then install the mids and highs and go drive around 4 30 minutes. Man i miss my truck!

  4. XS batteries find one that you could put in the back, order from Mechman! You can't go wrong with a good AGM XS for around 250
  5. Yea, while installing my 4 Lvl 4's, T - Money was drilling a hole out and the surround ripped the top layer. Man only if I had video of his face, I would have n avatar to use for life. Hilarious. But it has not affected the play quality or sound. And has not ripped any further.
  6. Look at Crescendo super tweets cheap and amazingly loud. Plus they are reconable if you need to.
  7. I have got a AQ3500d the newest edition. You can check out my build log for condition of the amp. I am currently powering 4 DC LVL 4's in a wall and need more power. Looking to sell my AQ just to he able to upgrade. PM me if ur interested.
  8. I have a Team DC XL M115 needing a recone. I can get the recone from Rusty and ship it to you!
  9. How about a AQ3500d for 600 shipped
  10. I have a DC XL motor and basket, awaiting a recone. I can get a recone at what ever ohm load from Rusty and ship it to you. The XL is a M1. PM me if ur interested.
  11. Second skin sprayable! And coat the bottom of it like corrosion protection!
  12. 2 18's on 20k, what amps are using? I think I am totally coming down to show representing Distinkt Sound!
  13. Looks pretty loud for the power and watts, but it is a little car. Looks pretty impressive though man. Rep that Yaris!
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