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Your first amplifier - what was it?


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MB Quart OA1000.1 with a matching OA800.4, still use the 4 channel to this day but i sold my oa1000.1 to a buddy who didnt know anything and wired his subs to 0.25 ohms and burnt it up :(

1997 subaru legacy outback

Four 15's in a almost wall

Rockford Fosgate t2500-1bdcp

Rockford Fosgate T400-4 on tweets
Rockford Fosgate T400-4 on highs
Rockford Fosgate T400-2 on midrange
Rockford Fosgate T400-2 on midbass

Optima Yellow top batteries
270A Singer alt (working on a bracket for a second) 
Lots of Second Skin


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It was... a tiny 'Pyramid' 2-channel amp, driving two 4" JVC speakers in the dash of my first car (1988 Toyota Tercel). I shortly after added some (other) no name amp and a 2 x 10" (junk) box. An addict was born.


Last serious install was all Boston Acoustics (Pro Series 60), 3-way separates up front, pair of co-axis in the back, a 10" Pro Series Sub (10.5), each set run by 1 of 3 separate original Alpine V12 amps (circa '02-03). After all the tuning (friend of mine is a recording engineer, had him listen and do the last few tweaks)... it sounded incredible. Car (1995 Nissan 240SX) was totaled not too long after (rear ended by an S10 pickup doing 70+).


Jonesing for another full system and am starting to pick up items for it now!


So Far -

  • DLS Reference CC2 - Class-AB / 340w into 4-ohms (bridged mono)
  • Boston GT-22
  • Boston Pro Series 10.5, 10" Subwoofer (4-ohm version)



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On 1/8/2020 at 4:41 PM, Dave88LX said:

High school, mid 90's. Saved up the $5/hr I was making stacking bales of hay, hit up the Radio Shack for an Optimus 340. (85 x4)

Got stolen. :(

Replaced it with a pair of US. Acoustics which I still have.

The optimus amps were good, I still have a XL400 that I just retired 2 years ago, I want steve to do a amp test on it, im sure it still puts out 300 watts clean. I just replaced it for a 5 channel thats 1/4 the size

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40 Watt Sparkomatic Booster pushing a pair of RF Series-1 10's in a plywood box that was nailed together without glue lol




I was 12 at the time and put it in my Grandfather''s Toyota Corona (which he later gave to me)


I soon graduated to the best Flea Market garbage audio I could afford while working at my mom's ice cream store 😵



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My first ever amp was a RF 1500bd, i would SO LOVE to have that thing now a days. Then years later i got 2 audiobhan these old schools lol

Then a few years after that, 2 RF T3001bd

And now, im waiting delivery on a SKv2 45001D <3

15" Neo Elite

135AH Lithium Bank

Taramps Bass30k

320a Brand X Purple Metallic Ho Alt

125+ Ft of oversized 1/0

ATnqTu2.jpg ZpNzSWw.jpgZlH1dRI.jpg 


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This beast, copped it from a pawn shop in Barrie Ontario when I was like 14. Convinced my mom to let me install a system in her car. (Thanks Steve for the photo cred)


That's where my addiction started, 18 years ago.


I had to modify it though, I cut the emblem out of the case with a dremel tool, installed a plexi window and a blue light inside.

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Was a bad ass audiobahn 1200 watt amp that had chrome flames in the out side with 2 fans and a voltage meter right in the amp, was pretty awesome amp in terms of looks. 

Looked like this, I can’t remember what model I had. image.thumb.png.622e7ede7780730cce2c4faed87fbebc.png

And the one I had had cobalt blue illumination.  Was truly beautiful.

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Sundown NSV4 18"  +  Sundown SALT-4 Baby

MechMan Elite 370a  +  XS3100 - XP3000

SHCA 1/0 OFC(blue+  SMD Fuse Holders(blue)

Pioneer AVH-2440NEX  SHCA Pro RCA 


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