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  1. Alls i know from my experience, i don't really like agm. and will never go back from Cmax Lithium. the quality, power, and ease is was better.
  2. Thank u so much for ur replies and info!!! I Did order one about a week and half ago from big ass ports, but never got a tracking number, messaged the guy on here, still nothing back. so went to lowes and got some 6" pvc. the sub in question is a 15" Neo Elite. Yeah i havent done the truck build yet, covid shit has really slowed that down so wanted to make a box to specs for the neo, since the one i had was made for my 15" TRF. And there is little to no info for the DC Neo Elites. I'll give them a call monday tho, idk why i didnt think of that. btw the bowling ball t
  3. Did some reading online and bit of looking here but didn't find my answer ...especially since search function don't work? Was wondering how to determine if I should use 2x4" 6" 2x6" Etc for one 15" sub
  4. the month long wait for my 320a brand x alt was well worth it and i suggest getting a color on it also looks AMAZING. oh and my 320a paid alt, came out at 350a ive seen higher results also.
  5. brand x electrical, on facebook. here's mine. 320a, tested out just under 350a and 190 at idle. 2014 camry se.
  6. while looking from start i thought, DAMN this dude putting in some WORK on this, but for 4 8's? was going to post and ask why not some beefy 12's or even 2 15's, i know u said u like sealed. either way, sick build man... wish i had ur determination with that damn water lol
  7. fffffff i want one!!!!! ty!!! be nice if there was a volt meter on the knob housing itself, but i do have a gauge down on center console directly to my amp, not battery so i can see what exactly is going on volt wise with the amp. have to make another one for the battery to make sure im controlling volts not to high. Are u worried at all about other electrical when ur charging at 15v?
  8. hey can i see pics of that?? knob hows it work exactly? under hood, or inside cabin? do u run a wire with volt meter to alt to keep that in check when turning it up or down, cause id like to install one and up it a smidge ,, car always runs low rpms, save gas i guess idfk but irritates me .
  9. Man these lookin sharp! I kinda wish i would of ordered different now yesterday lol and added the gasket. looks good
  10. oof she looks rough but thats ok! def following this. question, i see a lot of no walls lately around internet. are u going to be below window line? im not being cheeky. i havent been in comps in many years. i used to go no wall. and remember one time someone complained i was a hair above window line lol which i wasnt, i used a laser but anyways... is that a thing anymore?? or just as long as its "not a wall"
  11. keep it up at the hz u love my dude ! i did a 150 @32hz just took a lot of testing etc
  12. XS d1200 and just ordered last night a recone kit for 15" trf and a 15" ZVXv2 which should be here by fri can't wait
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