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  1. 135AH Cmax Lithium Bank. This is one of Two I am getting. Taramps BASSK30k's. Im not even opening both of these yet, talk about some big bitches!!! I gotta say, the things these can do are Magical!!!! SO glad i picked these up. ... Last but Certainly not least... DC Audio 15" Neo Elites, D1 with all options
  2. So got some packages, and thing's that are already on way. Figured I would give some pics! Wanna give a S/O to Jacob Morris from FullTiltAudio.net for amazing products and deals. Tobbie Thf Helms at Coventry Industries for my Batter Bank Also, SMD & D'Amore for making these amazing tools!!!!! 2 spools of 50ft wire some Swag from FullTiltAudio Got two of these bad bois! 4 Triple Amp Inputs and a Quad Alternator Input Block
  3. AH yes, that one. I feel like he pushed them to much to impress Meade? lol
  4. oh they will come in due time. I've been talking with a dealer on the Elite Neos' working on a deal with him. Seeing where it takes me. And u are damn right about the venting structure. Couldn't really think of another sub that would be able to maybe handle the amps, other then the TRF's with upgraded soft parts. Yeah i am super excited for the orders to be rolling in, and my dream build coming true
  5. man im lovin this build!!!!! lol its legit what im working on right now, gathering all my stuff. im using brand x alt also, just got my knob today. some stuff going into camry, but big build is in a tahoe this summer after i got everything. even got a 135ah cmax waiting to get here. how do u like it? after u charged 15.5 where u still dipping that low like before? ordered this stuff today, https://fulltiltaudio.net/collections/custom-metalworks/products/inputs https://fulltiltaudio.net/collections/custom-metalworks/products/quad-alternator-lugs figure i share with ya, was a good find. local michigan also.
  6. well i have a 15" ZVXv2 hooked up to a sk 4500, in the daily ride right now. dont need too upgrade components yet, the stock ones (2014 carmy se) are keeping up nicely thus far.
  7. Yeah, aint lookin to do none of that.. Can u link that video? Haven't seen it. lol i mean who can buy all their stuff at once tho? buying in bulk "saves"
  8. Yeah i know. its a work in progress collecting for this summers project, in a tahoe. yupper, had to get it when i could brotha. u know. wasnt much of a whim. Its all a step process for me lol i would sell those to u first in line brotha! I am actually using the trf's for the Camry build. And have plans on the Tahoe. I plan on running 8 subs. It's being worked out right now which brand/series im going with, but dont wanna say for sure yet which im leaning towards, Neo Elites, or TRF's. Well i've been planning this for awhile. I know what i want, its more of the "logistics" of the rest of it that im going thru right now, acquiring. The alts I want are on back order, Box Designs are being made, and already have ordered the banks, doing 135's,
  9. yeah 41" i got the room in my trunk for two of them. and my 135ah lithium bank. just dont think i can support it off one 320a alt even if i can run all those 0g from alt back to my lithium bank hmmm
  10. JESUS LOL Ok, well i got 2 of them coming. seems uh, i will NOT have enough funds to get proper electrical for running 2 right now, haha. by the way, that was sucking him into the port?? lmao
  11. Hahaha right. Yeah i might just put one to each coil, 1 ohm load on my 15" ZVXv2 and see what i pull on meter. Do u know if these are strappable
  12. 2 of them And i have plans for a tahoe build this summer, so had to jump on it now. I might put one of them in the camry for shits and giggles tho see what i can do, soon as my alt and lithium bank get here.
  13. So a little update for those who are following. I ordered a 135AH Cmax Bank. Which should be here this week, i hope. And also a volt regulator knob from Brand X, so i can charge at 15.3V...And i did this last night....
  14. Curious what ur hooking them too, clamped power, what ur electrical is like, charge and resting voltage. I have some plans and looking for some feedback/input on these.
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