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  1. Alls i know from my experience, i don't really like agm. and will never go back from Cmax Lithium. the quality, power, and ease is was better.
  2. yeah i have 4 runs from Alt back to bank. i get 0 drop. 135ah lithium cmax from Tobbie
  3. Thank u so much for ur replies and info!!! I Did order one about a week and half ago from big ass ports, but never got a tracking number, messaged the guy on here, still nothing back. so went to lowes and got some 6" pvc. the sub in question is a 15" Neo Elite. Yeah i havent done the truck build yet, covid shit has really slowed that down so wanted to make a box to specs for the neo, since the one i had was made for my 15" TRF. And there is little to no info for the DC Neo Elites. I'll give them a call monday tho, idk why i didnt think of that. btw the bowling ball trick, holy crap thats slick lol i may h ave to do that since cant buy flared ends from HD, lowes, etc. TYVM
  4. Did some reading online and bit of looking here but didn't find my answer ...especially since search function don't work? Was wondering how to determine if I should use 2x4" 6" 2x6" Etc for one 15" sub
  5. good question, following. I just ordered a 6" but that was for tuning. i "think" 6 is min really. 8 then 10. i know the math has something to do with woofer size...?
  6. the month long wait for my 320a brand x alt was well worth it and i suggest getting a color on it also looks AMAZING. oh and my 320a paid alt, came out at 350a ive seen higher results also.
  7. clip indicator addon? there's one on the amp itself, do u mean a external like to put up front? btw i bet ur butt puckered when u seen that spark lol how did it ground tho Thru the carpet?? also, very impressive numbers man. Good Job!
  8. doesnt seem to be needed if u get proper bank in back to run the whole car off of
  9. brand x electrical, on facebook. here's mine. 320a, tested out just under 350a and 190 at idle. 2014 camry se.
  10. I had emergency surgery so updates will be slow coming. But then you very much! Just ordered a oscilloscope too.
  11. 135AH Cmax Lithium Bank. This is one of Two I am getting. Taramps BASSK30k's. Im not even opening both of these yet, talk about some big bitches!!! I gotta say, the things these can do are Magical!!!! SO glad i picked these up. ... Last but Certainly not least... DC Audio 15" Neo Elites, D1 with all options
  12. So got some packages, and thing's that are already on way. Figured I would give some pics! Wanna give a S/O to Jacob Morris from FullTiltAudio.net for amazing products and deals. Tobbie Thf Helms at Coventry Industries for my Batter Bank Also, SMD & D'Amore for making these amazing tools!!!!! 2 spools of 50ft wire some Swag from FullTiltAudio Got two of these bad bois! 4 Triple Amp Inputs and a Quad Alternator Input Block
  13. AH yes, that one. I feel like he pushed them to much to impress Meade? lol
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