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A really simply "mixed" drink.


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I don't know who you guys here feel about "mixed" or "fruity" drinks, but whatever.

Little Hugs + Vodka (pick your favorite) = delicious.

Don't measure, just mix.

Personally, I like it with Absolut.

Another that my girl just recently tried at a "girls night" with her friends, was Skittle vodka.

I don't know what kind of vodka, they used, but you soak about 30 skittles (on flavor) with about 1 and 1/2 cups, and its apparently great.

I haven't tried it, but I probably will this weekend.

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making skittles vodka correctly takes forever.

I may try it out at the bar though if bossman says i can use one of his handles in stock. might be a big hit. Id probably skip on making orange and green though because it wouldnt sell.

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I made something last week, which was great and refreshing

1 BudLightLime, 1 shot( 2 or 3 your choice strong or weak) of silver/clear tequila, and add sierra mist until its just bubbly and refreshing enough, add ice. Squirt some lime in the drink

That skittles one sounds kind of girly, but may try it. Hell I have candycane flavored vodka mix in the fridge which may be similar. CandyCane-tini is what its called lol

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I don't know who you guys here feel about "mixed" or "fruity" drinks, but whatever.

I do...especially strawberry/cherry drinks :drinks:

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LMFAO so true


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ah come on lol i know two

750 ml Everclear® alcohol

32 oz Gatorade® energy drink

2 cans Red Bull® energy drink

Pour all ingredients into a jug, and serve into highball glasses.

never tried it though i usually drink mine with

one shot in a tall glass with coke

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haha to everclear but i like blueberry vodka and sprite , its simple and good

yeah a good skittle vodka would be a fifth of raspberry Smirnoff and the big bag of skittles and let soak till skittles are gone or close to gone . thats how i make it

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