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What version SA-8 do you have ?

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I just bought an SA-8 on eBay, but the seller din't have the original box. It's definitely one of the 1.5/1.75 's but I don't know which. I could use some help with this. It's going to go in a Tapped Horn, so I need spec's that are pretty close.

Anyone help with TS spec's?

I'm trying to post a pic or two, but keep getting an error message .... rrrrrr!

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I got 2 sa8v1.5 dual 4ohm, and have been wondering what the diff was between 2 AND 1.5.

Thanks a ton that clears it up for me.

Off topic, but I aquired these from my friend, who I had installed them under the seats of a Nissan Tittan.

He didnt like the way they made the truck rattle on the low bass, so he put his flat Kenwood 8s back in.

I tryed to explain to him he's missing so much bass with the Kenwoods, and to sound deaden to fix the rattles.

Lulz, now the are dust catchers in my closet.

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