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Just in case your subs need it...

i shook this one kids hand and it just folded in mine. long story short i fucked his girlfriendso.. yeah..

You want this to happen to you? Give decent handshakes people.

I was gifted with an innate ability to distribute wholesale ass beatings in a timely and orderly fashion.
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i like the pr0n

2002 4runner - buncha speakers n amps n shit (gone)
1994 astro - more stuffz

update: pretty sure all the pic links in the logs are broken lol.

ma slop garb build log
16 12's 4th order

4runner rebuild in progress
clickkk meeeee!!!! 4 18's 6th order

UBL - clicky


lots of hater kids here. Pay no attention, they just want 89,000 watt subs for 3.50
If you would have put a dc dustcap on it and called it lv your mom, they would all be in love

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Oh my GOD that looks nasty. I have much less fear of running ~800W through mine now.

2016 Subaru BRZ | Sony XAV-AX100 | Rockford Fosgate DSM 4080 & DSM 40ix |

On 6/6/2012 at 6:32 PM, 'LZTYBRN' said:

3. Don't put speakers outside the car unless you are the ice cream man.

My feedback thread

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I think I'm going to need a different amp for mine!!!! Holly shit man!! Nice vid. Would love to see some numbers

Thats cool. Im way too old to be upset by shit like that. Your name is winston. Your own parents hated you even before you were born.

My penis is bigger than your penis

I'm far from loud and my roof/headliner flaps around like Adam's ass on a windy day. I think it depends more on the structure of the vehicle.

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