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Performance Audio Honda CR-Z

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Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. Now that I finally caught up with work I have time to post up some build pics that we have been working on. We took on three custom builds at once. The Shelby GT 500, This CR-Z, & a Lexus LS460 that I will post here in just a bit. Each one was a different level.

The owner of this Honda CR-Z wanted a show quality install that sounded great. Useable space was anoither concern since he said he may occaissionally put his golf clubs in hatch so we made a cover for the hatch that covers everything & Keeps it safe.

As always every connection was soldered for the best possible connection & All wiring was secured with Zip Ties every 3 inches throughout the vehicle & every 1 inch where it ties into the Aftermarket equipment or int the vehicle. Also, No screws were used to mount to the vehicle. The layout of this build actually allowed us to mount everything to Factory Fasteners instead of riveting Nutserts into the body. This vehicle could easily be returned to 100% factory & even Honda couldnt tell the difference.

List Of Equipment

Source: Factory Nav, Bluetooth, Aux in.

Processor/Integration: Audioson Bit Ten D

Front Stage: Hertz HSK165 (6.5 + Tweeter Active)

Subwoofers: Hertz ES200.4 (Energy 8's) X2

Amplifier: Hertz HDP5 (5 channel)

Sound Damping: Hushmat

Battery: Odyssey

Power Distrobution, Wire, Interconnects: Stinger




Jon Webb

Performance Audio Las Vegas

7035 W. Sahara Ave STE 200


Mobile Electronics Mag 2010-2011

Installer of the Year

Mobile Electronics Mag 2011-2012

Top 100 Installers

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Damn Webb, sick...... and pisses me off CLEAN.

Your on "that" level.......

Stoked for more....

Well done bud.... well damn (frustrating!!!!) done....

EDIT - love the blue....... love the entire install....... nice man..

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My appologies for any pics that were posted more than oce. My Laptop has been freezing up & I've been fighting trying to post these for 3 hours now.

Jon Webb

Performance Audio Las Vegas

7035 W. Sahara Ave STE 200


Mobile Electronics Mag 2010-2011

Installer of the Year

Mobile Electronics Mag 2011-2012

Top 100 Installers

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Seriously, screams Ca-Lean!!!!

On 11/20/2012 at 8:54 PM, AMI CUSTOMS said:

Turned mine up today at a light, guy next to me his steering wheel started moving and he looked over at me like I was a magician lol.

On 5/9/2012 at 8:45 PM, skittlesRgood said:

fuck the plating. look at what the main metal used is. you could buy unicorn blood plated terminals but if its just covering up dog shit, whats the point

On 4/10/2013 at 12:26 PM, mrd6 said:

I'll admit, half way through sanding that fiberglass in the rain and cold while I was all itchy I was definitely starting to question why i was doing this haha

  • Soon To Be
  • '04 Ford Escape
  • US Alternator 280A Hairpin
  • D4800 Under the Hood
  • (6) XP3000's in Rear
  • 1/0 SHCA & XS Power 4 runs to back
  • TORK2 kit from Tony @ CE Auto Supply
  • Pioneer DEH-80PRS
  • DD AW6.5 (2) per door
  • *Tweeter Unkown*
  • DD SS4a & C3d
  • (2) SCV4000 @ .5Ohm
  • (2) 15" Sundown Zv5
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What was the total cost for this build ?

2006 Chrysler 300 touring.

3 arc audio, arc series d4 12s

hifonics brz 1200.1 for subs

hifonics brz 600.4 for 6x9s


looking into coilovers or universal air ride

20 inch wheels,

5% tint on all windows

50% tint on windshield

debaged rear trunk lid, wings and 300 logo

demolded side stripping,

black mesh grill,

no ubl, not enough cool shit !

once the car is paid off and its mine... gen 2 viper swap, manual trans, going to get viper logos for the rear trunk and mold a viper diamond logo into the wings logo ! only 4 more years of payments and saving..... :morepower1:

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