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looks dope as hell love that shit man....ready to get my sleeve started but i dont like all the color, some people it looks good and others it doesnt...You pullin that shit off tho no homo

whats wrong with fat chicks? they are like mopeds, as long as your friends dont see you riding it, they are a blast! hahah

I am dumb as a stump. I live in the south and we are all dumb here.

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Ok.. i love it...

who is gwen?

and you dont need to say..

anyway.. i LOVE it... well done.

You need to plug who did the work....

again, cheers.. and nicely done... i, myself, love it..

Lol appreciate the kind words bro. Gwen is my grandmother that passed from breast cancer when I was younger. My artist is Curtis Aldrich.....he's out of a shop in Orlando called Atomic Tattoos.

Again thanks for the kind words broski


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ya bro, that shit looks pretty damn good to me!! flows well and colors look great! hats off to your artist.

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