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  1. if it's still at 12.6 you should be ok. Just put in on the charger for a while.
  2. I've watched a freind play it for quite a while. Seemed kind of empty/grindy to me. a lot of running around not really accomplishing anything. I will also wait and see.
  3. I would get some flat aluminum bar and put a 90 degree bend in it. make your own.
  4. That moment when you accidentally drop a wrench across bus bars..

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    2. dangaranga


      after arcing my supercaps out. I have a dedicated wrench completely wrapped in high quality cloth e-tape

    3. SnowDrifter


      I did the same thing with caps and my watch. Didn't feel too great, still have the scars

    4. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Did it once on my rear battery bank in the tibia scared the crap out me. Good idea wrapping tools in tape will have to do that for electrical stuff.

  5. Since May 2011. Nova Scotia, Canada. This site has tought me endless amounts about car audio. Have learned so much since 2011. Also nice to be able to help some people that were in the same situation.
  6. Hey, I've had my DD-1 now for over a year, its is an early model that is signed on the back. I just finished making a case for my dd-1 and cc-1. And every time I open the case, the DD-1 was on. So, i checked to make sure nothing was touvhing the on switch and there was plenty of room above it. I then set it by itself on the table. pressed off button and and around 2 mins in, it turns itself on. I have done this 4 times in a row now same result. Brand new battery. I'm not sure what this could be. As everyone I have asked never heard of it before. It is working fine other than that from what i can tell. Thanks. EDIT: I left it alone after it turns on, it will not shut itself off now either. 20 mins and its still on. Also, when i turn it on/off it makes a small electrical squeaking sound from inside.
  7. One, as stated Toyotas do charge low, It is a 2011 so also VERY likely it has some sort of PCM controlled voltage. Which is not the Alternators fault. Two, As also stated, HO alternators often put out less at idle because their most output occurs at higher RMPs Three. You can clamp it all you want at idle. No alts put out their rated power if there is nothing turned on to draw that big power.
  8. Learn something new everyday.

    1. Neckbeard


      Today i learned that i learn something new everyday

  9. Damn vacuum leak in the truck... it never ends.

    1. Amart88


      fixed. Works good now. :)

    2. Kyblack76


      I had one just last week also. My air selection was stuck on defrost. Found out where a hose popped off. Crammed it on and boom. I suspect it will always be like his on a 15 year old vehicle. Not to mention I'm beating the shit outta mine daily. :)

    3. Amart88


      Yep, mine also runs my 4x4 selector. So doing 80mph the front alxe tries to commit suicide. Mine pops off in the drivers side fender. I got new hose and replaced it. Nice and tight.

  10. Got half a case of beer sitting here... can't drink it because of meds... fuuuuuuuuu...

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    2. Keith77


      he might be on antibiotics

    3. Amart88


      Yep, I am. Hopefully tomorrows the last day.

    4. ChevyBoy95


      ATM im drinking a saint arnolds endeavor (double IPA).... yum... get well

  11. I would not use it on fiberglassed panels. It would not be needed. Deadener is mostly used on large flat areas to reduce the panels resonance. Fiberglass panels are usually curved and do not resonate in that way. If anything, Closed cell foam would reduce the transfer of sound throgh the material. ie. road noise.
  12. Nows a good time to get at the sub. It is not going to last forever in there. It will need to be removes at some point.
  13. For the cost of that amp, you are wasting money running it at 2 ohm. As bbeljefe had said, You may be better off going with a 2500 or 3500 at 1 ohm. More for your money.
  14. Thats what it stared out as. I got a small cut on my finger and it spread up my arm as cellulitis. Had to stay on IV for 4 days and I am still on Antibiotics. It abcessed and had to be manually cut out. Thus the hole. I keep it wrapped and taken care of. I go back tomorrow for a follow up.
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