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Zv.4 how much is too much power?

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Uhh....sorry bro, but thats clamped power. Strapped together, 3245w at 2.5ohm at 10.8v. I can vid to prove it to you bro. I've got 1330w at 2.7ohm out of 1 alone. I also have a fellow competitor that got just over 2k at .5ohm on 1 asa1500. So research a little before you try to call me a liar or down my equipment. Powerbass amps are very good amps. Very clean and unrated on good electrical. And that's coming from a devoted sundown owner.

2000 Chevrolet Tahoe Limited (Mine)HEAD UNIT: Pioneer AVH-X5500BHSBASS DRIVER: Sundown Audio [email protected] dailySUBWOOFER: (4) Sundown Audio Zv4 18d1BOX: under constructionMID/HI DRIVER(s): JBL PX300.4, Powerbass ASA600.4, Audiopipe 6002, American Bass SQ50FRONT DECK: Pioneer TS Pro 6.5, Power Acoustic nb-1, (4) American Bass SQ4.0 KICK PANEL: Kicker KS65 components REAR DECK: Powerbass XL Pro 6.5, Pioneer TS Pro 8's, Power Acoustic nb-2, Powerbass s412 4x10, (2) Crescendo pwx 10"ELECTRICAL: Big 3, all KNU & AP OFC 0awg on 240amp Mechman Alt, Audiopipe batt meter, (2) Scorpin batt metersBATTERIES: (3) XS Power 3400's, KInetic HC1800, Kinetic HC2000MISC: Fat Mat on all doors, Old setup: (4) SA15d4's on an NS1 151.0 on TL sealed 2010 Honda Civic LX (Wife's) 142.1 TL sealed trunkHEAD UNIT: Pioneer AVH-X7500BHS with Massive Audio EQ7BASS DRIVER: (2) Powerbass ASA1500.1d's(strapped) 3240w clamped @ 10.8v lol(stock alt)SUBWOOFERS: (1) Sundown Audio Zv4 12d2BOX: Custom built by me 3ft^3 @ 35hzMID/HI DRIVER: Powerbass ASA600.4FRONT DOORS: Alpine Sps610cREAR DOORS: Alpine Sps610cELECTRICAL: All Audiopipe 0awg, Big 3, Stinger batt meter, stock 90amp alt<p>BATTERIES: (2) Kinetic HC1400's, XS Power XP950

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I think you just want to get louder..why dont you save yourself some money and just build a larger enclosure with some good bracing n resin the indide and do some sound deadening to the trunk and cabin. Maybe some deadener and then sound barrier on top of it. Mdf isnt too expensive and sound deadener will only set you back a few hundred if you take advantage of a sale promotion. Better than sepending 1200 just for a new amp. Also whenever your batteries die on you think about getting all same brand and same group size batteries..different batteries of different group size and brand cycling charge between them can cut down on battery life for all of them. Just tryna help out

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You need trunk space to get groceries and shit...bitches love groceries

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Had a Cres 3500D on my 2 12" ZV4s @ 1ohm w/ 3 Batts to wear them in, then swapped out to a 5500D and they're loving it. Mind you I've got a mighty big enclosure for what I have too but theres never been a problem :unknw:

2013 Mitsubishi Outlander ZJ

(2) Sundown Audio ZV4 12" , 6cuft box @ 37Hz (Playing 28Hz-55Hz, Peak 43Hz)

(1) Crescendo BC5500D

(2) Alpine SPR-60C (Front)

(2) Alpine SPR-60 (Rear)

(1) OA OAK75 4Ch (p.o.s)

(1) Fullriver HC55 12v Batt (Front)

(2) Fullriver HC110 12v Batts (Rear)

KnuKonceptz Wiring - 0awg Fluro Orange Power, Black Ground Cables

CarBuilders Sound Deadener

PB 148.6dB 43Hz Sealed

Before removal of stock front batt

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....big 3 cube box..12 inch zv4 ..5000d..on good voltage...nuff said here my friends lol

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2004 Chevy Trailblazer LT

Walled- 10.5 cubes net tuned 33Hz

2-15 inch AA Team subs D2

Americanbass- 750.1

1 yellowtop under the hood , 4 c&d 88ah batteries in rear


pioneer headunit-4200UB

4 soundqubed supertweeters

phoenix gold 2 channel

back up camera

stinger volt meter

22 years old and still have alot to learn..lets get it

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So if 2.25 is ideal for a 12" how about a 15" on a saz-3500? Trying to see if I can get 2 15s in my mag without walling.

05 dodge magnum rt


Rockford fosgate T600.4

st200 tweeters

Sundown Neo Pro 6.5 v2's

2 Saz-3500v2- Toolmaker dual 1/0 inputs

2 Sundown ZV4 12" D1

1/0 Sky High Power wire OFC

3 XS D3100- Toolmaker battery terminals

Mechman 320 Amp Alt

Smd Voltmeter

KnuKoncept 1/0 OFC

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My (4) Zv4 18s came in yesterday. Im running 2 at the moment on an NS1. 2 of them are laughing at my NS1. Ive been beating the shiz out of them and they barely get warm and havent smelled a coil.

Define "laughing at". I hate when people say that. It means nothing. How do you know you're not a cooter-hair away from a bad day? Rant over lol.

Dude around here had two Zv.4 12's on an NS-1, and the surround was dimpling at full tilt. I'd say that's pretty near limits. Enclosure definitely plays into that though obviously.

Edited by gckless

"Clipping" is the biggest forum boner now. It's like witchcraft... it automatically explains just about everything people don't understand.

My build log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/200295-gckless-2011-chevrolet-impala/

High resolution photos: Gilbert Kless Photography

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Has anyone had any issues with the spiders on these subs? I pulled mine out yesterday to just look it over and when I lift the cone about 3/8"-1/2" small 1/4" long tears open in the peaks of the ridges of the spider, it's only about a month and a half old and it's only been on a RF T2500.1bdcp, it's in a ported enclosure just under 2.5cubes tuned to 32hz and I've used the subsonic filter and broke it in according to what sundown had said? What gives with this thing?

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Nic watts is throwing a 5k to each of his an his zv4s are nasty!! My brother also had a single zv4 15" and he put 2 IA20.1 @.25 each daily an it LOVED it!!

My build

98 s10 2.2

3 american bass HD 15s with psi soft parts. (on there way here)

atomic at-3000.1 (soon) 146.2 outlaw @39hz., bad alt an bad batt when termed (old 2 12" build)

alpine 6.5s in doors

infinty 4x6s in dash.

clarion cz201 HU.

mechman 240a H/O alt

stuff i still need.

SHCA 2/0 wire

SHCA 1/0 to 2/0 adapters

Atomic AT-3000.1

Lots of sound deadner

new mids an highs, still debating on what to do.

A few Deka g31 batts.

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