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Sundown clipping light

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they are normally pretty close. but not always. i find flickering light is a ok lvl but steady light seem to be full clip.



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Well what deck do you have, maybe someone else has the same one and happens to know when it clips. I would always assume yours will clip just earlier since you don't know for sure. I've used a few kenwood decks and none of them have ever clipped, but I don't know model numbers so that isn't helpful. My o-scope shows what I consider clipping just barely before the clip indicator on my Arc Audio amp. But I would say if you find clipping then just back it off a bit, slightly more than a hair (you like the exactness there?). If you don't have a way to find clipping of the signal from your deck then you need to invest a little bit more and get a DD-1. They say you can use the 3/4 rule but depending on the deck (boss in particular is the one place I have seen it) it might clip prior to 3/4 volume. Everything is just better with a DD-1. I say DD-1 because it is cheaper than an oscilloscope and it comes with a CD that has the tracks you need to do all this. Its worth the investment if you are planning on doing much with systems, and if you have a sundown amp you obviously are looking for loud and great sound so it would benefit you for your next system as well. We all know you will upgrade or get a new ride and need another, whatever the case may be get the DD-1 and you will be good.

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How would the light detect clipping on the output of the amp? I would imagine it works similar to a DD-1 (as for accuracy, well that's another story). My thought is that if the clipping light is detecting at the speaker output on the amp you could do:

1) Amp gain all the way down

2) Turn head unit volume up until clipping light barely comes on or is flickering

3) This is max head unit volume (might want to go a few down to be safe)

4) Leave head unit at this max unclipped volume

5) Turn amp gain up until light barely comes on or is flickering

This is all theory btw, someone would have to test. I would but my head unit goes 62/62 no clipping, so it wouldn't really prove anything.

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